Finding your path…

This week I found the time to finally “launch” what I will now call my #Brand “Women of Purpose” the blog and Facebook group and the response and out pour of love and support for my vision has been overwhelming to say the least. Over 300 members in less than 24 hours with almost 50 pending members.

I had a member come to me for advice and it inspired me to write my 1st official blog post. Without going into too much detail, the conversation entailed “what do you do you do when you try to talk to God for months, even years, and it doesn’t seem like anything is working? What am I doing wrong?”

The question caused me to reflect on my own life. This morning when I prayed I asked the Lord to remove any fear & self out the way and give me the strength and courage to say the right thing whenever I’m approached by my WOP sisters. (Little did I know I would need the courage that same day)

I instantly let her know that I have been in her position and felt those same thoughts on several occasions for several years and still struggle with the mental battle from time to time. I don’t claim to know the word from cover to cover. I grew up in the church and I still consider myself to be in the infancy stage of my spiritual walk because up until now I’ve never really tried to actively listen to the word and learn it on my own. Attending church was something done out of routine for me. Now I’m actively serving in multiple ministries and my desire to encourage and uplift others (not just women) has grown what seems like overnight. Little did I know it was in me this whole time I just wasn’t in position to allow God to reveal the spiritual gift He had already birthed within me. There were times when my girls would come to me for advice and speaking life into them would give me life. I started feeding that feeling and now here I am 3 years later with #WomenOfPurpose.

So how does one “Find Their Path”…

This was the advice that I shared with my WOP sister:

I’ve been in your shoes on several occasions for several years. Even to this day I’m not all that comfortable praying. I often feel I don’t deserve to ask God for anything because I haven’t been living right or reading my word enough or treating people right. I wouldn’t say it’s something that you’re doing wrong. The thing that has been the most beneficial for me is getting really grounded in a good church home (shoutout Christ Church, Fairfield, AL). Becoming a member of my current church a few years ago is what really started producing a change in my life. Getting connected to other believers who will constantly pour into your life and push you to the next level will increase your desire to push yourself. That’s the whole purpose of my page. I have a new found love for motivating others (not just women) and I’ve learned it’s actually one of my spiritual gifts. I’ve experienced a lot of hurt and heartache in my life but I now see it was all necessary to help my inspire and encourage others.

Then I shared the things that I found to be most beneficial to get me to where I am now…

  • 1. find you some good religious motivational books to read. I personally recommend “soul detox” “not a fan” and “you’ll get through this” (i’ll post pics on the page later today)
  • 2. if you haven’t already, download the YouVersion Bible app and start with some short daily reading plans. they have a lot of specific ones. this will help you get into a habit of reading the word more consistently
  • 3. participate in a prayer call each morning. If your church doesn’t offer one I can give you the information for my church.
  • 4. surround yourself with more positive, christian influences. get an accountability partner…someone who you can call on when you’re going through….someone who can intercede in prayer on your behalf.
  • 5. get involved in ministries in your local church if you haven’t already. If your church offers small groups then join one. this is where you will really see your spiritual growth.
  • 6. start a prayer journal. this way you can read aloud your prayers when you struggle with finding what to say when you pray. eventually you’ll be praying without the help of the journal.

Little does she know she came to me for inspiration and she ended up inspiring me. I sent the above messages and my spirits were instantly lifted. It made me even more grateful for all that I’ve been through but most importantly how much the Lord has brought me through. I never in my wildest dreams would’ve thought that I would broke, recently unemployed and happier than I’ve ever been. My pastor (Darius McClure) always tells us the difference between being happy and having joy is in order be happy something has to happen whereas with joy you have that no matter what is going on around you.

This joy that I have, the world didn’t give it and the world can’t take it away

so with all that said I leave you with this: Never thing that you can’t do a mighty work in the Kingdom of God. If you think about the people of the Bible that are most known they all had bad pasts. It’s as if the Lord purposely uses those with the most dirt in their past to do the greatest things in His kingdom. Really think about why that is.

“Out of dirt the greatest creation ever made on Earth was made….mankind! You think you’re in a low place in your life. God creates greatness out of of the lowest places….God creates the greatess things out of the most dirties placecs….no matter how high or how low God takes you, you were made from dirt.” -Pastor Darius McClure- Love & Understanding

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