Don’t Worry….Be Happy!

From my personal blog 9/13/2012

Find what makes you the happiest and ENJOY IT TO THE FULLEST. If someone or something makes you happy, cherish that & never take it for granted. It’s not your job to prove to/convince others around you why you deal with a person or why you continue to do something. YOU only have one life on Earth. God didn’t intend for you to live it in misery. Don’t waste your time explaining to friends & family why you are with a person if that person does no harm to you & causes you happiness & makes you want to become a better person. That person may be a seasonal or permanent factor in your growth in life, but you so caught up in what people will say/think that you never explore the possibilities. There’s only ONE person you can control & that’s yourself & nobody else. Learn to take control of your own life instead of being wrapped up in someone else life. Being concerned about those you genuinely care for is fine, but don’t allow their trials to cause you stress. Two stressed out people can’t solve a single problem. Misery loves company so don’t allow it in your home (mind).

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