A Woman’s Worth

Men with options don’t chase women
Women with options don’t chase men
Mature adults don’t chase period. This isn’t recess. There are hearts, lives & emotions involved. At some point in our lives we come to a crossroad where we have to decide whether to remain in the same childish mind frame or mature and want a more stable lifestyle. I don’t know many people (male or female) that don’t eventually want to marry and have a family. The question is, how long will you run around playing these college undergrad games instead of succumbing to the depths of your hearts true desires?
When I was in my early 20’s I did A LOT of dumb stuff and played a lot of games. Some say that’s what your twenties are for. Eh… Now at the age of 29 I look back at those years and wish I would’ve been just a lil bit smarter about some things especially when it came to relationships. Although those paths that I took made me who I am today I can’t help but to wonder where would I be had I not made a few of those mistakes. How could ONE change alter my life’s path.
I said all that to say this:
We need to be mature adults and stop playing games with each other. If you’re a womanizer or serial dater then be honest about that upfront.
Women stop ignoring the signs when a man shows you what he is really about. I know it’s hard. I’ve been down that road, but you have to dig deep within yourself and face facts. You have to want better for yourself. Tell yourself, trust it & believe it. Know your true worth (not that worth where you think you deserve more than you really do) and stick to your guns about what you will and won’t allow from a man.
A few years ago I was in a situation where I thought it had potential to be something worth giving my time & attention to, but I quickly snapped outta my fantasy land, took off those rose-colored glasses and realized the person wasn’t as serious about what he wanted as I was or at least not with me. I saw a quote pic that said “sometimes a woman’s purpose in life is to prepare a man for another woman” I’ve been that woman twice in my life and only the first time hurt like hell because he later told me (after he got engaged) that he thought we would’ve been perfect for each other, but there were outside factors that kept him from allowing it to happen. He even kept it from allowing us to DATE! A person won’t be ready for a serious, committed relationship until they just are. There is nothing you can say or do to make it happen on your time. The sooner you accept that the better you’ll be.
When a person has options they don’t have to chase behind someone. Even if that person is better than all the options they currently have. Having those options available gives the person a chance to weigh all the pros & cons of their options and decide who they wanna spend the most time with and when. If the #1 spot starts acting flaky they are ok with that because they know they have those other options that they keep at bay so why are they gonna bother chasing YOU?
You have two types of people the casual ones and the keepers. The ones that fall into the first category are those who tend to be available to the guy/girl at the drop of a dime. They tend to be the cut buddy, friend, homie. They are easily involved in drama or mess. Quick to cause a scene and act out. They are overly possessive of you too early in the relationship. The keeper is the one who has the extra something about them. They aren’t constantly available because they have a life or at least that’s what they have you to believe. They have goals & aspirations. They show themselves worthy of the committed relationship by their actions. They push you to grow individually and as a relationship unit. This person is strong and is able to pick up whenever you slack or fall on hard times.

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