What a Man Needs…

A woman who is understanding, caring compassionate, loving and smart.

A woman who cooks, cleans, & sexes him down on the regular; even when she doesn’t really want to as bad as he does.

A woman to build him up when he is down & nurse him back to health when he isn’t well.

A woman to help him better himself and lead him down a better path.

A woman who knows when to speak her mind and when to be quiet (even when she knows that she’s right).

A woman who can bring something to the table. (self interpretation)

A woman who has her own natural beauty.

A woman who can look good in her club clothes, church clothes, & her man gym clothes.

A woman to be a lady in streets and a freak in the bed.

A woman to love and have the love returned ten fold.

A woman who knows that a successful relationship requires giving on both ends.

A woman who puts her needs aside for his needs sometimes.

A woman to talk about his pains, goals, & life and be heard & get positive feedback & support

A woman to treat him as his equal not less than a man or less than her.

A woman to keep it 100 with him at all times.

A woman who doesn’t care about the mistakes that he made with past women.

A woman who cares about making them a better us by doing whatever needs to be done.

A woman who is willing to be his backbone when he is unable to do the same for her.

A woman who isn’t perfect but is perfect for him is the best woman a man could ever ask for. She is made for him by God himself and no other woman will compare to this woman. Until he finds this woman he will feel inadequate with all other females. This woman completes him and he is made uniquely for him as well.

“What God brings together NO MAN can put assunder.”

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