New Month, New Opportunities

Hello September...

Hello September…

It’s officially the last quarter of the year. With each new month and every new season there comes the point where you start to look back over the days gone by and evaluate life. Every new season brings about a new look to the world we live in. With Autumn just around the corner we see a change in the temperature and the leaves on the trees. I like to think of fall as a time of getting rid of things that I no longer need. Just like spring cleaning we need a fall cleaning. For some it may be in the natural sense and for others in may be in the physical sense. For me, it’s both.

Used 49 times in Scripture, the number 9 symbolizes divine completeness or conveys the meaning of finality. September is the 9th month of the year. It signifies the end of summer and beginning of fall, the beginning of the last quarter of the year. It’s no coincidence that Biblically speaking, the number 9 represents finality.

What are your goals for September? Each month should be an opportunity to grow in another area of your life. For me, my goals consist of growing more spiritually and mentally. I plan to build my brand this month by attending several blogging networking events. I plan on checking off at least 3 things on my #WomenOfPurpose vision board. I plan on serving more within my church and my community and taking my spiritual walk to another level.

I was on periscope last night and Javacia made a quote that hit home with me. She said “I Never Lose, I Learn” That should be how we approach life and the obstacles we faces. Never see it as a loss but as a learning opportunity to push you in the right direction. No truer thing have I learned in my life than; Positive thinking brings about positive results. When you truly change your way of thinking and remain positive no matter what happens you can deal with ANYTHING. I have been fired from 3 jobs in my lifetime and each time taught me more than the last. Once I learned to remain positive and hold strong to my faith that God will make a way outta no way and supply all my needs I was able to live life with joy like no other. When I live a Matthew 6:33 life and seek Him FIRST then there is no need to worry about what the day brings because Jesus Will…

  • He will provide
  • He will fight my battles
  • He will be my rock in a hard place
  • He will be your everything and then some

So attack this month with your head held high. Speak Life, Live Life, Enjoy Life

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