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I’ve had the “Woman of Purpose” name on my instagram for a few years now. I don’t even know what made me change my IG name to that, but now that I look back on it, I see it was all apart of this moment. Woman of Purpose is so much more than a blog & a Facebook group.

I was reviewing my Facebook memories for the day last week and the above picture showed up and all i could say was “WOW!” I posted the pic talking about inspiring people to visit my church ( which i had just started attending at the time) and experience the change that God started in my life because of becoming a member of my church.

Here we are 3 years later and I have taken what i though was just a social media name and started a real life movement to empower women of color. I’ve always liked to encourage friends when they come to me with problems and wanting my advice. I tend to not sugarcoat things and risk telling you what you NEED to hear versus what you WANT to hear. I can’t say it hasn’t cost me a friendship or two but I won’t apologize for being genuine.

This blog and Facebook group have really helped mold me into a beret woman of God. It’s totally changed my prayer life and relationship with God, as well as, those connected to me. I never thought someone like me would be in a position to encourage women. I still don’t think I’m qualified enough. I’m still so rough and the edges. I still struggle with cussing, reading my word… consistently, drinking, gossiping, etc. But God still sees fit to use me in spite of me and I love that the most about Him. I pray as I grow more in this area and perfect my craft while building my brand that more women find joy in applauding each other instead of tearing one another down.

I’ll leave you with this:
Never think that you’re too inadequate to speak life into another person. As Christians WE ARE THE CHURCH. Church isn’t contained to the walls of the building we sit in twice a week. Sometime can need a word at anytime, any place. Pray for the removal of self doubt and for more courage to walk in the holy boldness that’s already in you. I remember asking my pastor the other week about classes to dig deeper into the Bible to gain a better understanding of it outside of bible study and Sunday services he told me to start coming to the ministers in training classes. Obviously i looked at him crazy and said, “I’m not trying to become a minister.” The next thing he said really opened my eyes. He told me how being a minister doesn’t just mean getting in the pulpit and preaching. You minister to people in all the ministries that you’re involved in and how even my blog was a platform to minister. I never looked at it that way. We grow up with these ideas of how the Church world and get so caught up in titles that we can miss perfect opportunities to share a Christ with others and being people into the kingdom.

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