Trouble Won’t Last Always


As we go through this thing called life – there will be trials, there will be tests, there will be moments where one believes they are truly experiencing true hell on earth. It is in those moments faith and obedience are truly tested. Do you have enough faith to stay the course knowing that the battle is already won you just have to endure. You do not get to quit, You do not get to give up, You do not get to wallow in pity. You do not get to relish saying woe is me. It is in these moments one should reflect on what has gotten them through up until this point. The grace, the mercy, the patience, the kindness, the love that kept you when so many times it could have been the other way. It is during those times that you realize that while in the midst of the storm God is holding you closer than ever. Keeping you mentally sound while everything around you is tossing and turning. It is in those valley moments one truly realizes oh how precious is the name of Jesus. It is during those moments where one understands the value of peace of mind. It is during those moments when one can say it is well in my soul. It is a blessing when one can understand that power belongs to God and in the morning it will be alright. Understand that morning is relative, as in this too shall pass and joy will come. There is no need for one to worry about that which one themselves cannot change. Give it to God and leave it alone. One also has to remember people are people and with that being said, one cannot put all their faith in people then expect a miracle from God. I learned a while ago that everything I go through is not always about me. As this year has truly been rough, I know God has me and as a result, I am able to look someone in the eye and honestly say, I have been that person who was not supposed to make it and every time I made steps forward, I was knocked all the way back down. While there may be times when I am down, I am never out. I am not sure who this is for – but – know that God will never leave nor forsake you. While you may feel as if the whole world is coming down on you, know you are stronger than you think. Know there is a support system, but they cannot support that which they are not aware of. No one has the monopoly on pain and suffering….the same God that delivered before can deliver again and there are times that He brings you out only when it will be obvious that it was by His power your breakthrough happened. Hang in there and be great!!!!

-Jacqueline Alexander-

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