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The #WomenOfPurpose Facebook group is filled with some amazing women who are doing great things in their homes, communities, churches and families. I’m all about giving flowers and praises when people are alive to enjoy them so this month will be the start of our monthly member spotlights. I reached out to a few members a few months back and finally decided on who would hold the title of the 1st spotlight. I had no choice but to choose Mrs. Laura McClure. She is the true definition of “it’s never too late.” So let’s hop right into the spotlight. From Author Laura McClure….

My Name is Laurelia McClure  (Laura McClure) I am married to Robert McClure and we have been together for fifty-five years.  I am the proud mother of six children, sixteen grandchildren and twelve great-grandchildren.  I married at the age of sixteen and by the time I was thirty I had six children.  I knew I had to work and help Robert support my family.  So I decided to find something that I could advance in and make a decent living.  I chose Hotel work.  I made friends with some very good people who helped me get the training that I needed  to move up the ladder.  I soon became a manager and then I moved up to being an Executive with five star/ five diamonds hotels.

I worked for the Wynfrey Hotel, Tutwiler Hotel as well as Holiday Inns and Ramada hotels.  When I retired I was Director of Environment services for Lake shore Hospitals.

I always wanted to be a writer and have my work published.  I was afraid of stepping out and pursuing my dream.  At the age of seventy I finally got the courage after listening to many sermons from my pastor on being all that you can be and encouragement from my family.  On October 8,2014 my first book “Angel in the Midst” was released.  Four months later “It’s Not Over Yet! Its Just Beginning was published and on September 28 the of 2015 my third book “Unvarnished Truths Coming Clean was published.

In one year I have published THREE BOOKS and there are more to come.

I will tell anyone that if God has given you a dream , then you need to make that move.  He will not give you what he won’t supply the means for you to accomplish it.  Just remember that you can do all things through Jesus Christ.  So let’s be like Nike and “JUST DO IT”.

Author McClure’s books can be purchased on Amazon.com


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