Finish Strong…


It’s the last month of 2015 and it seems like we were just celebrating the new year. With the close of a year, people tend to reflect on months passed and prepare for the new year to come. I know with the holiday season we experience an overload of emotions both good and bad. The holiday season can also bring about tremendous stress as we prepare for the gift giving and meal prepping during Christmas.

It’s been heavy on my mind that prayer is vital during this time. The world as we know it is in great turmoil with all the mass shootings, police related killings of innocent lives and bombings in other countries. Our nation’s politicians are more concerned about self and their own agendas than the people who elected them into office and we the people are the ones suffering from it the most. Now is the time to turn back to God and live by the “In God We Trust” slogan that’s printed on the government printed money we love so much.

My pastor has a genuine heart for people. Our church motto is “to take you from where you are to where Christ wants you to be” and it’s evident in the lives of many of us that a change will take place the longer you attend. Recently he comprised personal prayer  guides for all of us in hopes to challenge and push us to the next level in our relationship with God. His wife (our first lady) has a small group where Fervent by Priscilla Shirer is the book that we’re reading so today I challenged the women in the WOP Facebook group to begin reading the book and discuss it on the page to spark a virtual book club meeting. I’ve realized in this year alone how important prayer is to your everyday life. Let me be the first to say that praying daily doesn’t turn your life into a picture perfect fairy tale where nothing bad ever happens and you’re always happy and everybody loves one another. Prayer was never designed to work that way. Prayer is our direct line to the Father. It’s available 24/7/365. No husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend, parent, church member, pastor, etc. will ever be available or be able to meet your needs like God can. He can give you insight to thinks that no one on this Earth is capable of. In the past few months I’ve found myself closing the doors to my walk in closet and creating my own little war room and really getting real with God about a situation and it hasn’t been easy to accept the answers that I’ve received, but it’s been rewarding. I think more clearly. I make more sound decisions and I don’t allow people to bring me down to their level. It’s caused me so much more peace and joy. I have someone in my life who helps add more smiles than tears and although I’m still uncertain on the true purpose we have in each others lives I appreciate the now and worry about the future when it gets here while continuing for better discernment and to stay focused on my #1 priority which is my spiritual walk. A woman should be so involved with God that a man has to seek Him in order to get her. With more prayer more opportunities have been presented to me in all areas of my life. My finances aren’t where I want them, but I no longer stress over bills and other things the way that I use to. My health is better because of it. I’m now more comfortable ministering to people when they come to me for advice on things. I’m more comfortable speaking of the great things that God is doing in my life and the past mistakes that I was once ashamed of.

Prayer is the portal that brings the power of heaven down to earth. It is kryptonite to the enemy and to all his ploys against you.” -Priscilla Shirer-

So this month I challenge you to finish this year strong. Get a prayer journal and go into real warfare in your prayer time. Pray for others more and see a change take place in your life because of it. I can’t explain it but it’s something about the one on one, uninterrupted alone time with God and writing out those prayers that really makes God move in your life and the lives of those connected to you. Get a jump start on shifting your new year to the next level that God has for you and fulfilling His purpose in your life. I look forward to hearing your testimonies. in the months to come.

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