Something to think about…

plug-into-power-prayer_t2.jpgIn the past couple weeks the nation has flocked to gas stations in droves to purchase lottery tickets in hops of winning what grew to over 1 BILLION dollars. I even made a trip to the state line to purchase a few myself. I mean what could it really hurt to try. You never know. As I saw the cars on the exits ramps from the gas station all the way out to the interstate exit ramp and lines of people wrapped around the building like “free before 11” at the club I began to think: “What if we put this much enthusiasm into our walk with God? What if we sacrificed our time, sleep, money, etc to get closer to God like we did to go out the way to purchase lottery tickets? If for just a brief moment the millions of people who bought tickets all redirected that energy to being better Christians what a shift in the atmosphere. I must say this 21 day fast that I’m on with my church has really given me a new outlook on a lot of things. It’s amazing how much clarity you gain when you take a step back from the things that take up a large chunk of your days. Social media, cellphones, television, etc. can distract us from hearing God so easily and we never even notice it because we still pray, read our word and attend church, but in just these first few days my mind is more focused on my goals and the things that God means for me to be focused on. He’s able to speak to me more clearly and I’m able to discern His voice because the world isn’t clouding my vision.

Today and going forward this year I personally challenge you to set aside blocks of days or times in your day/month/week to remove the distractions in your life that are unknowingly keeping you from tapping into God and shifting the atmosphere in your life.

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