January Member Spotlight

Book 1 head shot

I decided that 2016 WILL be the year that my brand goes to the next level and I will remain more consistent in my writing and getting my name out there. In doing so I am going to make sure I get back to the sole purpose of #WomenOfPurpose and shine light on women of color who are doing great things. So with that being said let’s jump into the 1st member spotlight of 2016.

S.W. Cannon is an author and author coach helping writers to write and self-publish their first book. She has created many platforms to help first-time authors:



Books available on Amazon at www.Amazon.com/author/swcannon and



Wine Down Wednesdays on Blab with @Author_SWCannon set to start in February.


Through her experience writing her own books and ghostwriting for others, Cannon has found, tried, and tries ways to write, finish and self-publish your book. I share my knowledge and then make available, affordable, self-publishing services at https://sw-cannon.selz.com/categories/book-services. If you are an expert in your field or a coach, a book is the new business. If you are a blogger, you already have content for a book. Let me help you add “Published Author” to your credentials. Follow me on Periscope at @Author_SWCannon as I give transparent and valuable tidbits for first-timers authors.

S. W. Cannon is serious about her gift and helping others perfect their craft. She is talented, motivated, caring and just an all around beautiful person inside and out. So let 2016 be the year you break out of your shell and step into your calling and write that book or start that blog. We have all been given the gift of voice so don’t let your gift lie dormant. Someone’s advancement could be in your voice. Someone in the world is waiting on YOU to speak up so that they can get ahead.

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