Crowned & Curled


October 2009….

That’s when I embarked on what would become my natural hair journey. I don’t have some cool story or traumatic life event behind why I’m natural. I was unemployed and needed to invest my money in more important things other than relaxers. I knew the texture of hair I was dealing with and that going more than the normal 3-6 months without my “creamy crack” wouldn’t be hard. What I didn’t know was that it would be the best decision of my life and the most inspiring one.

I started out just transitioning because at the time I was too scared and insecure to do the big chop that would soon become the “In” thing to do. I loved the change I was beginning to see in my hair then I got a little older and after two years of transitioning, graduating with my associate degree and finally landing a job I decided to start pampering my hair again, so I went to the shop and got a cut. Nothing to drastic just a nice bob. That was cool for a while then I fell in love with Meagan Good’s haircut and begged both my stylists to do it for me and they denied me for over a year so I would take matters into my own hands and clip ends here and there whenever I saw straight pieces caused from heat damage.


Then finally, after four years of being natural, I was confident enough in myself to get my hair cut shorter than I ever had in my entire life. This tomboy got rid of her ability to rock a ponytail at any given moment and got her Megan Good cut. I LOVED IT!!!!……for about a year (lol) I felt a little more mature and wiser. I had a different outlook on things. I carried myself a little better. Never realizing a haircut could have such an affect on so much.


Fast forward to Fourth of July 2014….

I had just gotten back from a mini vacay to Dallas and I had been playing around with the idea of chopping all my hair off because I was ready for my long hair to grow back but it wouldn’t grow evenly with the current hair style I had. So I woke up one day and walked into the bathroom and I grabbed the scissors and I did it. I didn’t consult with mom or my girlfriends. I didn’t give time for anyone or anything to talk me out of it. I cut until I felt it was right. I was a little scared about it at first. I mean my hair has always been one of my favorite things about me. I have always gotten compliments on my hair. Always been told that I have “good hair” or “white girl hair” whatever that means. So I was literally stripping away a big portion of my identity. I waited a day or two then I posted on social media and the response what opposite of what I thought it would be. This really helped me become more accepting of the look I was “stuck with” for however long it was going to take to grow back to where I wanted it to be.


So here I am multiple haircuts and 1 big chop later….happier than I’ve ever been. More aware of self. More in love with self. More in love with the God-created me. I can honestly say that becoming natural was hands down the best decision that I’ve ever made. I never knew how much changing your hair lifestyle would have an effect on your whole lifestyle. I’m not more confident in myself and in March I will compete in the 1st ever Miss Natural Hair, Health & Beauty Pageant. ME! the lil tomboy from lil ol Gadsden, AL will be stepping out of her shell in from of hundreds of people to compete for the title of the most life changing decision in my life and I’m happy, nervous, and excited at the same time. Win, Lose, or Draw I’m happy for the chance to be involved in such a groundbreaking event. I hope that this pageant lays the foundation for more natural hair pageants so more women will be comfortable embracing their natural selves. It’s really a beautiful thing. To get so confident in yourself to the point where you ignore what society has conditioned us to believe is “beauty” and love yourself to throw out the beauty rule book and BeYOUtiful inside and out.

*tickets can be purchased for $15 under my name if you go under the beauty pageant tab and select my name from the dropbox*


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