Dear Momma

“There’s no way I can pay you back, but the plan is to show you that I understand…you are appreciated.”

Today was one of the best holidays of the year….MOTHER’S DAY! For those who don’t know me, my mother is my best friend (go best friend! that’s MY best friend!!!) She and my older sister came to town to go to church with me. Afterwards we grabbed something quick to eat from the grocery store and came to my place to eat it. It wasn’t anything super special because funds are temporarily limited for me the next few days but because of a mother’s love we still enjoyed her special day because we were all together.

Today also marked the day my mother met my boyfriend’s little girls for the 1st time and I was kind of nervous about it for no reason because she’s always been amazing with kids. Everything went smoothly. After mom and sis hit the road home, me and the girls hit the park for our weekly routine. After we were all drained, fed, bathed and put to bed I had a moment to reflect on the day.

I realized today that my mother had successfully taught me everything I think I’ll ever need to know to be an amazing mom whenever the Lord sees fit to bless me with a child of my own. Being around my boyfriend’s kids has taught me how to go without my wants/needs/desires in order to make sure they’re happy. My mother worked 2 jobs at one point of my life. She still managed to support any and everything I was involved in. She always made time to spend time with me even if it was precious moments in the morning before school or before bed at night.

I’ve learned to silently entertain a child through body aches and not feeling well. My mother’s was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia years ago before there was as much information about it as it is now and she still worked even when her body told her no. She still traveled to my basketball games, served in the church, spent time with friends & family and sooooo much more. To hear “Jocelyn, I love you all day.” from the sweet voice of a 4 year old made it all worth it and made me wanna do whatever I can for them whenever I can.

I received an even greater realization for how selfless my mother is. How unconditional her love is. She makes it look so easy never shedding a tear or complaining when the going gets tough. I hope and pray as I continue to learn my purpose and walk in that I can become even a half of the woman she is. I look forward to learning more of the lessons she learned into the journey of motherhood.

So on this day and EVERY DAY I salute you mom. Thank you for being the greatest example of a Godly woman, friend & mother. I love you to infinity and beyond 😘😘😘😘


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