I don’t have a specific topic to address, but I know I need to blog. I need to share some things and encourage some people.

I have been MIA for quite some time now and there is no real reason for it other than laziness or not having something specific to say. My significant other asks me all the time “when are we gonna get a new blog from Woman of Purpose?” I decided it would be best to wait until the first of the year and start fresh and work on making the site more “official” by purchasing my domain, getting an official logo and some other things, but I’ve learned that we can’t always gone on our time. We have to listen when God speaks and move when He says move. So with that being said let me begin…

The month of September has been a pretty decent month for me. My pastor has been doing a series entitled “Me & My Big Mouth” and in the series he has given us a few challenges that have really helped me. One was to let the first words of each day be words of thanks. In doing so I have been able to remain more calm and positive when things have come my way whether it be at work, home or anywhere. In giving thanks it helps condition your mind and you to remember the little things that we so easily take for granted and how those little things make a big impact on our day to day life. It has also helped me to me mindful to let others know how thankful I am for them being in my life. Never get so comfortable with your family and circle that you forget to appreciate them and let them know it. Like the saying goes: “give people their flowers while they’re still living” or something like that LOL!

Another challenge was to stop complaining and arguing. Now I will say this, I failed that challenge miserably. I have gotten a LITTLE better and I am trying to make a more conscience effort to not complain or argue (unless absolutely necessary). In doing this I have found myself at peace more. People haven’t been getting under my skin as quickly and when discord is happening all around me it has stayed clear from coming my way. It all really boils down to two things: your words create your world and when you release positive vibes you get positive vibes back. Reap what you sow.

This week a pretty awesome thing happened. Someone very close to me who has been battling with their beliefs came to me and asked me to pray for them. It totally blew me away but also sparked something in me. I gladly prayed and then they turned around and prayed too. Then last night at Bible study Elder Earl mentioned how sometimes God will take us through to the point that we run out of “people options” and have literally no one else to depend on but GOD then at that point when He brings us out of our storm nobody can get the praise but Him. I know first hand that it will work like that and when he said that immediately thought of my loved one because they said they have tried everything else and they have nothing else to try so they wanna try God again because they desperately need help.


The events of this week brings me to this blog. God knows how to reach us and sometimes we listen but don’t act like we hear Him so He’ll use other means to get to us. I feel that God knew this chain of events would give me the extra push that I have been asking for so far as being more consistent in my spiritual walk because this would motivate me to seek Him more in order to help my loved one and of course God was right. I have a new found desire to seek Him, to pray harder and longer and to get back in my word outside of Sunday and Wednesday sermons. I guess God said I was moving too slowly and inconsistently. The time is now and I can already feel and see the shift in my life and those around me since the beginning of the month.

I leave you with this…

Don’t let fear hold you captive from pursuing God, relationships, souls or your dreams. Once you remove the chains from your mind you will experience God in a new way and go to new levels you never thought you would and life will be brand new and so much better for you. So take a few tips from me and post scriptures around your home and work space. Write out affirmations to speak over yourself and say them everyday multiple times if you need to and watch the atmosphere shift for the better for not only you but those connected to you. Someone’s salvation or breakthrough may be connected to your leap of faith, boldness or breakthrough so don’t hold back. TAKE THE FAITH LEAP!!!

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