The Best Is Yet To Come…Chapter 31

Psalm 46:5 God is in the midst of her, she will not be moved; God will help her when morning dawns.

As I sit here working, planning and reflecting I remember how full I became during the sermon Sunday morning and chose to be less restricted in my response to the rhema word that God had for me through my Pastor and tears began to flow. I remember asking to become broken so that I could receive all that God has in store for me because it’s been weighing real heavy on me that there is something so great for me this year. I remember writing last week telling the Lord how I’m ready for what He has for me because this life is not the best for me. I was blessed with another year of life over the weekend. As always, it’s a time of reflection and planning. I closed out year 30 with a heartbreak that didn’t hurt as bad as I thought it would. I know that’s only because I’ve been sensitive to God’s voice and He’s placed people in my life to give me the right wisdom and encouragement. He gave me enough free will to stay in a situation that I had no business being in as long as I was, but that’s the greatness of God; He’ll allow us to make mistakes and still give us a safe exit as long as we bring our problems to Him. We may take detours on the path that he has laid out for us but He’s always there to re-route us and get us to our destiny and His purpose for our lives. 

A couple weeks ago in our weekly leadership meeting, my pastor spoke about being connected to people who push you and how there aren’t many people who will come into your life and tell you that you need to say no to people and things and take a break. When he said that i began to look at the people in my life right now and those who aren’t and I realized that I’m exactly where God needs me to be and connected to the perfect people to make sure that I elevate in life and in Christ. #GlowUp #MySquadBetterThanYours Later that day I took what felt like the final layer of my shell off and completed my first modeling class. I don’t know the last time I felt so confident, poised, graceful and a lady. It’s 4th quarter and time to go to work. I feel a new burst of energy and I have a new sense of expectancy in my life. Every year as I approach a new year of life I try to evaluate my year, myself and my life in general. Where have I grown? Where have I failed? What lessons have I learned from my experiences? Where do I go and grow from here? I think doing these self evaluations yearly or more frequently are not only healthy but necessary if you intend to become the best version of you that you can be.


I’ve seen the above image several times, but it wasn’t until now that I’ve been able to truly accept it for what it’s trying to teach. Now, I’ve always been taught to trust God in all things and that if he removes you from a job, or removes a person out of your life then He always intends to supply you with greater. At times; It’s easier said than done. As a very flawed, very human and very inconsistent Christian I can admit that I struggle with leaning fully on God to supply all my needs, but I can also say that I know what it’s like to trust Him totally. You would think that seeing the benefits of trusting totally that it would be easy to do it all the time, but then I have to go back to that being human thing. God’s timing and plan isn’t always aligned with ours and that’s where the struggle comes in. You see all your friends enjoying the things you desire and pray for the most, but we forget that we don’t always know what they had to go through to get those rewards and have that lifestyle. We don’t know the sleepless nights, the heartbreaks, the set backs and the No’s from man and God before they got the yes they always wanted. We also forget that we make rash decisions based off emotions that cause us to delay our blessings We don’t take time to pray AND listen to God. We have one way conversations where we do all the talking and don’t let God to talk back to us and guide us through the valley and reach the promise land. It took a a major heartache to get me to this point and in no way do I blame God or myself. Instead I find the silver lining. I thank God for keeping & protecting. I learn the lesson and see it as a teaching tool instead of a punishment or karma for my actions. I accept that God’s plan and timing isn’t mine but I enjoy this time and align myself with Him. I cultivate my relationships with other people, with myself and most importantly with God. When your heart is pure and God sees that then He won’t hesitate to expose you to the blessings He’s so desperately wanted to pour out on you the whole time you were on your own path keeping Him arms length thinking you could do it your way and get the same results faster.

I leave you with this….

DON’T WASTE ANOTHER DAY DOING IT YOUR WAY! Sit down and be honest with yourself and with God. Be as transparent as you possibly can and admit your flaws and your sins to Him. Then go boldly to the throne and ask for your inheritance. Ask for your new job, new car, debt cancellation, healing for yourself and that family member or loved one. Whatever it is that you’re needing God to do sooner than later…..ASK FOR IT!



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