Work Your Faith

Sow where you wanna grow!

Since my birthday in October I’ve been consciously working on ME! not that I wasn’t prior to turning a year older, but trying to be more consistent and take it to another level. I shared my goals with my Pastor so he can be praying with me and for me about it. I’ve also shared them with my #P31Squad. One of the things I’ve been praying about was financial increase, but not just to accomplish this solely for my benefit but to allow me to freely support blacks who are in business for themselves or have legitimate side hustles.

With all that’s been taking place in the U.S. with my brown counterparts in addition to the outcome of the recent election, I strongly feel that now is the time to build up the black community. We need to uplift and empower each other now more than ever. I firmly believe we’re so much stronger TOGETHER and everybody else sees this and that’s why so much effort goes into dividing us.

So this year, for black Friday, after I made sure my financial obligations were taken care of I decided to spend money with #local #black #female #entrepreneurs. It felt so good to do that. It’s wasn’t all the ones I wanted to support but it was a start. I already see an opening up in my finances and I know that’s nothing but God. I’ve been praying for better employment….got a new job. Been praying for financial healing/freedom…got paid and had money left had I can actually see and enjoy a LITTLE bit. Been praying for connections for some things I’m working on…God has been putting me in situations where I can make connections with the RIGHT people. So there’s no way I’m gonna sit on my blessings until EVERYTHING falls in line. I’m gonna shout, give my testimony, share, love & support NOW and keep it going.

The whole vision for #WomenOfPurpose is to empower and uplift women of color, but it doesn’t stop there it STARTS there.

Here in Birmingham, AL we’ve been in a drought for about 2 months. I sometimes like to take things and try to see them from a spiritual perspective and relate it to my personal life. The past couple months have been rough for me mentally & emotionally. But this month I dreamt about rain storms twice within a couple weeks but never could remember enough of the dream to really understand it. Then tonight it starts raining and it hits me:

With rain comes growth

My desert season is over. I got a new job and have new opportunities set up to make my vision for #WomenOfPurpose everything God means for it to be. I’m becoming more confident and free to be unapologetically ME! flaws and all. My faith & prayer life is growing along with my connections, relationships & friendships.

I’ll leave you with this…

Sometimes you gotta SEE it BEFORE you SEE it. 

Don’t pray and sit and wait on God to move. Faith without works is dead. You gotta put some action behind those prayers while still being patient while God is working it out for your good.

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