I won’t lie, this week has been one that probably would’ve knocked me to the ground if my mind and faith were weaker.  This week almost made me see how a person would want to end it all and give up on life itself. BUT GOD! I would be cliche and say “He works in mysterious ways” but He doesn’t at all times. God ALWAYS knows exactly what He’s doing when He does it. I literally had an emotional breakdown last night and cried out to God. In the midst of talking to Him one of my closest friends called me. She was in town and wanted to stop by. We laughed, talked and caught up since we haven’t really seen each other since her wedding. It was truly needed. Then my bestie texted telling me She had a Christmas gift for me that might help cheer me up too. THEN my brother and his wife came to town and got me out the house. It was all needed after such a trying week. My car quit on me. I had to switch banks causing me to be with limited funds and no debit car over the holiday weekend. Switching jobs caused me to go 3 weeks without pay and my bills have fallen behind. I came home from work to try to unwind with a hot bath and a movie to find my faucet wouldn’t turn off so I had to leaving watet running over an hour while maintenance made an emergency trip to the complex. It’s like everything that could go wrong did go wrong all in ONE WEEK! I know this is all for a greatet GOOD. It wasn’t until I got more serious about my purpose and prayer life that storms started raging, but because of that same prayer life I’m able to withstand the strong winds. I’m an ever evolving being and my testimony is constantly being written. The walls may shake but the foundation won’t break because it’s laid on Christ the SOLID ROCK.

But God sent my angels on Earth to lift me when I was my weakest. It wasn’t a mistake that the people who mean the most to me all reached out to me at the same time. That was God ordained. My #Squad encouraged me and of course my mom reminded me of my own words on a FB post about a week ago.

“It’s in those moments when you get hit with the most obstacles around the thing you’ve been praying for the most that you have to turn up the faith and keep believing God will see you through. The enemy is only turning up the heat because your breakthrough is near.”

I’ll leave you with this….

Sometimes you gotta encourage yourself. Sometimes the strength shown in your darkest hours is what pushes someone else to keep going. Not all storms are only about you. Sometimes your used because you’re stronger than you realize. Storms expose our strengths and weaknesses. Not all storms are bad but ALL storms have an END. #WomenOfPurpose #WalkInPurpose #Empowerment #Encouragement #Motivation #WomanOfGod #TheJourneyToPurpose

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