2016: A Spanking and A Hug

Hope Notes

When is the last time you received a good-loving spanking?  When is the last time you had to face yourself: your  motives, choices, beliefs, and core values?  How about the last time you had to be accountable and accept responsibility, while fighting the urge to point your finger away from yourself?

I will venture to say that most of you may not remember the last time you had a spanking, and many of you may not relate at all to having to face yourselves or accept responsibility without a “But”  and without playing the “blame game.”  So it may shock you when I say that in my life, this year has been filled with all of the above. It may be even more startling when I say to you that this has been one of the best years of my adult life!

Today is December 31st, the 366th day of…

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