Love Your Natural Hair

I met Mrs. Harris when I began my pageant journey in 2016. We became instant friends and she has been a constant inspiration, as well as, a motivator to me. Tamika will be hosting her 1st major event on Saturday, February 25, 2017 at Ensley SoHo. Tickets are $10 and kids are free.
Living My Life Healthy, Fit & Fabulous

I stand here today a beautiful African American woman who wants to let everyone know that I am living my life healthy, fit and fabulous. Who am I?? I am the mother of a gorgeous 12yr old daughter; loving wife of 11yrs, vegetarian and Fitness instructor turn beauty pageant queen who has lost 105lb naturally. Through my determination, dedication and discipline I can proudly say that I have been blessed to have kept my weight off for 10yrs.

Losing 105lbs gave me the confidence to go natural and feel beautiful about myself. In 2012, I received my certification in group exercise through the Aerobic & Fitness Association of America (AFAA) in which I currently teach 8 to 10 fitness classes a week such as Zumba, Pilates, Tabata Bootcamp, stretching and circuit fit.

In 2015, I created where I offer weight loss and nutriental eating tips, community fitness workshops and exercise videos to help encouraging others in accomplishing their health and weight loss goals. Teaching exercise classes and the creation of my website gives me the ability to inspire others to embrace a positive body image and live a healthy lifestyle.

The look on people’s face when I tell them that I am a fitness instructor turn beauty pageant queen is priceless. One question that I get a lot is, “who starts competing in beauty pageant at the age of 38 and why???” Well, I do. I truly believe that age is just a number and I refuse to let a number dictate how I live my life.

Competing in my first pageant Miss Natural Hair and Health Expo Beauty in 2016 was the most exciting and scariest thing that I have ever done in my life. Having to get up in front of thousands of people and strut my stuff on stage was totally outside of my comfort zone. I didn’t win the pageant but the experience changed my life. Not only did the pageant give my confidences a boost but it also gave my life a huge shot of Fabulousness.

Pageants give me a place where I can express myself. I want others to have a place where they can do the same, so I created My Beauty is Mine facebook and Instagram pages where I want to show women and young girls that they are uniquely beautiful and that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

I love workout clothes and tennis shoes and never gave makeup a single thought However, competing in Miss Natural Hair and Health Expo Beauty and being crown Birmingham’s 1st Miss Black Don’t Crack queen  made me realize that I loved how beautiful I looked all dressed up and the way I felt. I am super excited about exploring this new side of myself. I am on fire about my platform of living a healthy, fit and fabulous life in my community and am looking forward to strutting my pumps for a great cause.

My philosophy in life is by “Inspiring others to live a better life makes me a better person”.

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