Letting Go Of Fear

“You don’t need more money, you need more God.”

I read this a while back¬†and it’s been on auto repeat in my head lately. It’s almost like it was a wake up call from God. For as long as I can remember, I’ve spent the majority of my adult life bound by my lack of finances. This stronghold has caused me to not feel qualified for jobs and relationships among other things. Fear and self doubt are the biggest attacks from the enemy. If the devil can control us by our emotions and thoughts then his job is easy breezy.

Today, I’m choosing to no longer be bound to anything that isn’t of God. I was created to be more than a paycheck to paycheck lifestyle and if you’re reading this; SO ARE YOU! His word tells us very clearly that we are the head and not the tail, above and not beneath, the lender and not the borrower. So why is it that we won’t operate in that mindset? FEAR! that’s why. Fear that because our credit score isn’t what “man” says it’s suppose to be in order to be considered financially responsible that we’re not suppose to want more. Like the old mother’s of the church use to say, “whose report do you believe?”

God wants us to be financially responsible according to HIS WORD not man made laws. All He asks is us is to give Him the 1st 10% of our income. In addition to that we must also give Him the 1st of our day each day. When you begin to live a #GodFirst lifestyle you will begin to experience living in an open heaven. Blessings will come from every direction so much that it will make you dizzy LOL!

I challenge you to shed the old you. Shed the old mindset of lack and less than, shed the ideology of not being qualified  for more.

Each day it seems as if I have a dozen excuses as to why “I can’t” do x, y, and z. Insecurity, fear of rejection, criticism, not feeling good enough…Sometimes these unwelcomed thoughts will pop up out of nowhere and try to take me to a negative and self-destructive place. But God! He is the answer-my strength in the midst of my pity party. He pulls me out of the darkness and brings me into the light!

Practical tip: Actively work against dwelling on the negative, self-sabotaging thoughts. Don’t give them anymore time or power.

We can do this!


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