It’s Better This Way

During life we all travel down paths that we later wish we hadn’t. It’s those detours and speed bumps that tend to teach us our greatest lessons. Then you reach a point of maturity where you recognize the wrong paths without having to travel down them first. It’s like the GPS gets an update and now you get alerts about delays, accidents, and alternate routes. Your discernment and mental clarity reaches new levels. It’s a beautiful thing when one can reach that point. Going into the new year, I made it a point to take the high road in life and I’m happy to say that doing so has really been paying off. I encourage you all to make harder attempts to let people’s words/attacks/opinions roll off your back instead of stooping down to their level and responding or retaliating. A lot of times when you ignore them the first time, there won’t be a second. You have to starve the negativity that comes at you and feed the positive.

Living a happy life in Christ and experiencing all that He has in store for us starts with changing our prospective. We are transformed in Christ by the renewing of our MINDS! It all starts there. When we make it up in our mind that we want better and we will do whatever we can to stay focused on that goal then life is like new. You see clearer, you hear God better, your discernment and wisdom increases. Life just becomes better. You truly have joy unspeakable, but remember It all begins with changing your perspective. Now, storms will still come but now you’re better equipped to handle them and you aren’t stressed by them. ALL STORMS HAVE AN END!

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