“I knew in order to make that BIG step I had to sacrifice my full time career. By taking a year off from it, I also took the chance of using my entire income tax check in 2014 to successfully start my business and also work on my brand.” –D.P.


De’Angela Pippen is CEO of D Ownher LLC. She is a visionary, designer, mental health tech, plus model and Empowerment visionary. She is the Creator of The Women & Men of the Year Awards, E.Y.E Seminar and E.Y.E.S mentor class, a model coach and event director. She is also an activist, advocate and warrior of PCOS & anxiety. She’s a creative director.

Goal digger. Entrepreneur. Inspiration that’s resilient. Motivational speaker. Host. Innovator.

De’Angela Pippen is a young entrepreneur from Birmingham, AL. In 2013She became a fulltime employee in mental health. In 2014, she legalized her first business D Owner LLC for fashion, model and design. De’Angela has been busy being an aspiring model over a decade now with jobs that include; doing a TV show, commercials, the local news, speaking engagements, traveling, professional plus size modeling and also fashion show directing 3 years in charge now. As a published plus model she has graced the cover of two magazine covers. Established in June 2015, she is the visionary of the “Women of the Year Awards” established June 2015 and she the visionary for Embracing Yourself Empowerment Seminar established November 2015.

My plan is to become a well-known fashion designer for all sizes while motivating all who come across me. I also have more goals that are unfolding.

In celebration of 3 years of business De’Angela is hosting QUEENDOM: 3 Year Anniversary & Fashion Show. Also celebrating other entrepreneurs and our honoree Sakovia Finklea, who is a stage 2 cervical cancer survivor. Life will be celebrated.


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