A Willing Vessel


Every Thursday the ladies of Christ Church and our guests meet for our women’s life group #BEYOND. For the past couple months we have worked through Gerri Scazzero’s Emotionally Healthy Woman (great read by the way), and each week we handle a topic to become more free from the bondage of our past and emotions that have dictated our lives. Well this past Thursday at our weekly meeting, one of the ladies got up to share some of her testimony and she was talking about how she was going through a rough season trying to balance being a new mom, going through divorce and grad school. Well it became a bit overwhelming and she prayed to God and told Him how she was planning on giving her baby to an aunt to raise while she finished school to make a better life for her and her baby. To others this may seem like a horrible thing to give up your child and she was ridiculed by those that she chose to share this idea with, but because of her strong Christian walk she took it to God first and that Sunday she came to church and explained to First Lady that she was looking for a baby sitter. She had the perfect person in mind and walked her over to children’s church to introduce her to the lady and see if she was able to babysit her child each day while she attended her classes and worked on her assignments in the evenings.

That lady happened to be me!

I happen to love kids and when presented with the opportunity I gladly accepted and told her she could pay whatever amount she wanted because it was more about helping her and any amount is extra income for me so it wouldn’t matter. This instantly brought me to tears because all this time I never knew this an honestly, I barely knew her or her child when I was asked, but because I’ve grown to the place that I have spiritually and mentally I didn’t think twice to saying yes. The old me would have quickly said NO! for the aforementioned reasons, but God was using me and I didn’t realize it at the time. I was the vessel He chose to help this now single mother and save this baby from being separated from each other. Let me tell you this is the sweetest kid ever and he gets it all from his mom. Everything about them is so warm and loving and you can’t help but to love them when you first interact with them.

So fast forward about a year and a half to present year. I had to stop watching this sweet baby for awhile because my work schedule changed and I could no longer pick him up from daycare. One day after church I asked her when she was gonna bring my baby back and again little did I know she was needing me to watch him like before but didn’t ask because she thought my work schedule was still a conflict. I explained that I had the job I have been wanting for years and I get off early enough to go back to our previous arrangement. This again was God’s work because she’s now in the last stretch of her program and needs time to really study and things like that. Baby boy is now 3 and we get to hang out every week.

God used me to help her and then turned around and used her to push me. I’m always telling my mom how much her story amazes me and here I am being used by God for her. WOW!


I told that story to share how God intervenes in ways that we don’t even realize. My mission in this life is to empower women and to have them pay it forward to the next woman. At times I beat myself up about if this is really my God given purpose like I feel that it is. I often wonder is it even worth it and if I will ever make an impact on anyone’s life. In that moment I received the ultimate KEEP PUSHING! from God because I am making a difference and women are boldly walking in their purpose. It may not seem like much to some but I am in awe of that experience and God choosing someone as unworthy as me to be a vessel to help his daughter and her child. Whatever God has called  you to do in this world don’t be scared to do it. Don’t get caught up in what you and your situation look like right now. If God called you to it then He WILL make provision for you to succeed in it. Stay focused on Him by casting all your cares on Him. When you live day to day in purpose your life takes on a whole new meaning. Your vision is clearer, your relationship with Him is stronger, opportunities present themselves to you like never before, you have a drive and passion that you didn’t know existed in you. Life is just better all around. You smile more, you rest peacefully, you build new relationships with people who help you grow while you help them grow. Don’t hold back. Be bold. Embrace the change. Enjoy the new & better life God has been waiting on you to tap into.

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