Keep the Faith…Hold On…Be Strong

You’ve prayed. You’ve cried. You’ve done all you can do. For a year you’ve taken it all to God first and trusted Him to make a way. You’ve prayed EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. You’ve attended church every week sometimes multiple times a week. You serve in ministry. You give your tithes faithfully without question. You stopped pre-marital sex. You stopped clubbing and drinking.

Does this sound like you?

Are you STILL not seeing the fruits of your prayers, sacrifice and tears? You’re still living check to check. Your spouse and/or kids are still driving you crazy? You’re still being overlooked for that promotion you know you deserve at your job?



You keep praying. You keep fighting for YOU! You keep pushing until you see every single prayer manifested in your life. There’s a saying that goes a little something like, “anything worth having is worth fighting for.” So you keep trusting and believing. You self evaluate and make sure you’re not doing anything to delay your breakthrough or stunt your growth. This may include disconnected to people who mean the world to you and that can be a friend or family member. Remember God knows our heart and our motives. You can serve in every ministry, volunteer at every shelter, attend 4 services a week and tithe every penny of your income and still lack because if your heart and motives aren’t pure and you’re doing solely to get a blessing or to look good to people and social media then God won’t bless it. God doesn’t even want your money. HE WANTS YOU! He wants a real, personal, intimate relationship with you. He wants you to share His love with more than just those that are in your circle or family. He wants to stretch you in order to elevate you. He wants to see just how much you really rely on Him and Him alone.

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