Last week, my pastor suggested that my recent momentum in life was due to recent/past rejections and it got me thinking about how much truth there might be to that. Last October that love that I blogged about so freely and happily came to a crashing end and although I never looked at it as rejection due to the circumstances surrounding the separation, it was in fact rejection. Then in March of this year I was rejected yet again when I competed for the Miss Natural Hair Pageant, a pageant that I’ve competed in once before, and everyone knew I would either win or at least place this year.

So here I am with two big rejections where I gave my all and my best only to lose in the end, but I never viewed them as rejection. You see my perspective, although humanly flawed in the heat of the moment, was different. I still looked at them as “God has something better in store” moments instead of rejection. Although I didn’t view them at face value in the natural the reality was still there. Thank God for changed perspective though because the old me would still be dwelling on these moments and beating myself up about it and trying to force things and fix others to make me feel better.


Looking back, I’m glad those things happened because ever since then I have completed the women’s life group and helped gain a lot of emotional healing. I have started my own business as an It Works Distributor. I have taken my blog building more serious and I have become a brand ambassador along with modeling. I decided to love me and heal from all past hurt, pain and REJECTION!

Before I went to our meeting at church I was in a blogging fog. I couldn’t think of anything to blog about and I posted about it on FB and God always keeps a ram in the bush because my sister friend Lesley commented and reminded me that you can’t pour from an empty cup and she suggested listening to podcast and sent me some of her faves to get me started. I need to do better with reading scripture and meditating on the word, reading books of substance and studying my craft of blogging. I had a wild dream involving my ex and as crazy as it was there was an instruction from God in it that I’m glad I was able to discern and that was to start (and finish) reading the book Fervent by Priscilla Shirer. Also I started reading several Bible plans on my app centered around specific things that I struggle with. I started with “worry” because although I wholeheartedly believe that God can do literally ANYTHING I still have human moments and I wonder “How?” It is also a way to help me get more consistent with reading scripture and reading in general because as crazy as it sounds: I hate to read. Crazy right? A blogger who hates to read.

I said all that to say that when life comes at your hard and you think things are all bad CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE! Focus on the source of your joy, hope, peace, etc. Talk to God more and learn to rely fully on Him. When you shift your mindset then it’s harder for the devil to attack you and in my personal opinion he will eventually give up as long as you keep your eyes, mind and focus on Jesus. Having God on your side makes it impossible for the enemies attacks to do any real, lasting damage. There is nothing he can do that God can’t handle. We were created in His image and that means we already have the victory in the spiritual and natural realm.

I’ll leave you with this…
Let not ur heart be troubled, stay calm & believe in God. Trouble is inevitable so try not to let it catch you off guard. Trouble is real & so is the one who can deliver you. Remember, when you don’t walk in your purpose you will lie down in your  weakness.

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