Not Until You Bless Me…

Ok, so for those of you who have been following the past few blogs you know that I was offered what I thought was the job of my dreams after the beginning of the year only to be unhappy and then unexpectedly let go after 4 short months of employment. Well a week later I was offered a job that I didn’t even know about with a law firm so that’s kinda “in my field” since my degree is in Criminal Justice. Ok, so switch gears…

With the job loss/transition I wasn’t going to get that weekly paycheck that I didn’t like ( I prefer biweekly *shrugs*) but was getting comfortable with. Well for the past month the Lord has been dealing me about kicking my prayer life up a notch so I heard His instruction and acted. I’ve gotten more consistent with reading my word by way of devotion and I’ve pulled the prayer journal back out.

So the same week that I lost my job I posted 2 blogs about how God has really been working in my favor and how things are falling into place. Then BOOM the enemy tried to rear his ugly lil head and throw me off, but that increase in my prayers and scripture reading helped keep me focused. I never doubted God. The whole time I was speaking on my unemployment I was speaking life over my situation and testifying in advance that God was gonna supply my needs. So for 3 weeks (every Thursday) I submitted an email to The Mane Choice for their bill pay giveaway that they do. I’ve submitted multiple times before but was never selected and I only made one submission each time when I could send one per week according to the rules. So I prayed and prayed about it and I declared that it was already done and I decided that I was gonna live a life like Jacob and not let go of God until He blesses me. I want to see Him in not just my finances but my business, my brand, my day to day life, my relationship with Him….EVERYTHING!!!

Well on last night, the day after I submitted that 3rd email I received a notification on Instagram and it was from The Mane Choice stating that I was their newest winner of the bill pay contest and they would be paying my June rent payment. I was floored! I’ve never won anything like that before and I desperately needed to win because I received my last weekly check from my job and obviously it didn’t cover my rent plus my other financial obligations that were either past due or becoming due. I can only give God the glory, honor and praise because it really was nobody but Him.

I knew if I wanted to get different results from my prayers then I had to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Faith without works is dead. It was gonna take more than praying. I needed to be persistent and consistent with what I wanted. Continue to make wise financial decisions, continue to tithe even when I knew it would make me short on a bill or postpone a business investment I HAD TO MAKE GOD #1 so that’s what I did and I’m continuing to do. We are nothing without Him. Our lives are so much less than what they could be when we don’t live for Him. Making the decision to get even more involved in church and seek Him with the first of each day and take everything to Him 1st has been such a blessing to my life in just these 1st five months of the year and He’s already kicking off month six (second half) off with a bang.

I’ll leave you with this….

I was on the phone with my mom and my sister last night and I was telling them that if you’re faithful over a little He will position you to receive your greater but He has to be able to trust you with the little to know that you can handle the increase. My advice to anyone who is reading this is to get serious about your prayer life and RELATIONSHIP with God. Be as specific as you can in your requests to Him and most importantly be patient while He prepares your breakthrough. God loves to bless His children there is no doubt about that, but just like our earthly parents we don’t just have everything handed to us we receive when we do our due diligence by doing right and putting in the work for whatever reward we want. It’s no different than receiving a promotion on a job; you received it because you put in more work and produced better results than everyone else.

I’m anxious/excited/ready to see what else God has in store for me this summer. I hope this testimony helps you to become the same way about the blessings in your life.

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