An “Ode to Dee” Decades

On Sunday, September 10th I attended the Birthday Celebration/Fashion Show for Deangela “Dynasty” Pippen. I met Ms. Pippen almost a year ago and I’ve been following and attending her events since I met her. This show was hands down her best work yet.

The Host was Krys Cole of 95.7 Jamz and her Co-Host was “Hurricane Marble” who reminded me of Mable Simmons from the Tyler Perry plays. When they came out I knew we were in for a real treat. 21752190_10211225148957736_3625288960283964894_n

The fashion show featured all local models and entrepreneurs which I thought was great because as a community we need to see positive examples of what is going on around us and support each other. Deangela has the influence and platform to do this and she uses it to the best of her ability to have a positive impact on the world around her.

The show began with the most adorable kid models modeling for Rebelle Threadz showcasing custom made pieces with a fun flare. The kids really enjoyed walking the runway and it was a pleasure to watch young, talented kids stepping out of comfort zones and embracing the diversity of their beauty.



 Sisters Coming Together showed the diversity of models and the fashion industry vintage and contemporary styles

 21740548_10211225165918160_7035155994536414975_n 21764724_10211225172998337_6288246128676923145_n

 Belle B and Belle B Jr showcased child and adult models. The creators are a mother daughter team and the daughter is only 10 years. Young entrepreneur. I love how she looks up to her mother and her mother is being such a great role model for her child. Black & punk rock styles.


Deeversity Designs by B.B. consisted of hand painted styles mostly denim and included Wheelchair model. I thought that was really dope because it shows that no matter what you can model too. I really love how Deangela is so big on including all walks of life from handicapped to plus sized to the LGBT and all races. Nobody is left out when she does events and in her day to day life she supports any and everyone she can in any way that she can.


While food was served we enjoyed a performance by singer/poet/songwriter Lyssa Singer. She graced the mic with an awesome spoken word piece specially written for the occasion. 21728500_10211225227959711_6334174875231053365_n

Rebelle Threadz showed some more child fashion. This time with a Super hero themed twist.


London’s Touch combination of a variety of fabrics, patterns and colors.


The next to last scene included Styles by Jay Beats who doubles as a makeup artist and designer.


The visionary/Birthday girl Dynasty Pippen styled a scene in her own show. Showcasing out the box designs that only she could imagine.


To end the fashion show portion of the night Model and Creative director Sakovia Finkley of Handmade Brilliance did An Ode to D Decades showing fashion trends over the past 3 decades in honor of Deangela’s 30 Birthday (which is today) while highlighting her very own handmade jewelry (which I love).



 And it wouldn’t be Ms. Pippen fashion if she didn’t honor individuals within the community who are doing great things. So here are some of the honorees of the night. There were about 10 people honored total.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUEEN!!! Thanks again for asking me to cover your event and showcase it on Women of Purpose. I pray this next year of life blows your mind. Welcome to the 30 Club. Life begins here!



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  1. Valeria High says:

    Im onecof the model’s from Dynasty Pippen’s production. An Ode To The Decades. Just wanted you to know that I love your article about her and the great work she’s doubt in the community. She is truly the epitome of love, style, and grace all wrapped in one beautiful package! Thank you for all you do in the community as well! Many blessings to you Queen!

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