Where I Live

Day 8 #BlogLikeCrazy #30Days30Layers I have gotten severely behind on my posting but I'm catching up today so just know there will be multiple posts over the next couple days. Where I Live... 4 little girls. Civil Rights. Letter from a Birmingham Jail. Magic City Classic. Revitalization. 16th St Baptist Church. Although it wasn't where … Continue reading Where I Live

Like A Ghost

Day 6 #BlogLikeCrazy #30Days30Layers Forever in my heart. Forever in my mind. Like a ghost you're always around. I may not feel you near or even be thinking about you but you're always there. Like a ghost you haunt my dreams and even my nightmares. I go to a restaurant or see an old picture … Continue reading Like A Ghost

The Right Person

Day 4 #BlogLikeCrazy #30Days30Layers  The right person will have you questioning every person before them. The right person will have you doing things you never thought you'd do before. The right person will inspire you to be a better version of yourself. The right person will fight FOR you and WITH you to conquer the … Continue reading The Right Person