​DAY2 #BlogLikeCrazy #30Days30Layers 

Loving, caring, humble, caring, compassionate, ambitious, hardworking, romantic, loyal….

Oh what a dream it was but even dreams can turn into nightmares. All fairy tales have an ending and they aren’t always happy but you just don’t get to read that part. Who wants to read about the unhappily ever after? Who wants to face the reality that “It was all a dream…”? (B.I.G voice) It was just that: an IDEA, a fairytale, a figment of an imagination gone too far wild. It wasn’t real. There was no longevity. No authenticity. A reality show with no realness, just a bunch of highlight reels. No unicorns and rainbows, no endless days of fun, smiles and love. Just a harsh cold and lonely reality that the idea of you was not the reality of you or the core of you. #PotentialMeetsReality

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