A Cracked Door

Day 5 #BlogLikeCrazy #30Days30Layers

A glimpse…a sneak peek to what’s on the other side. A cracked door is a door that isn’t fully shut, but why isn’t it completely open or fully closed? Why are we allowed to get a peek? Is it to give insight to a warning before destruction or is it to give us hope to see a preview of the blessing on the other side of the door? Or maybe we’ve cracked the door when it needs to be shut. Maybe we’ve cracked the door to let someone know that it’s ok to come back home.

What is your cracked door? 

Is it that family member that you had to stop helping but they’re family and you love them too much to turn them away?

Is it a toxic friendship that needs to be ended but too many years have been invested to let go?

Is it a relationship/marriage that needs to be ended but you won’t let go?

Is it a dead end job when you know you need to make that faith move and start your own business? 

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