Beautifully Broken

Day 7 #BlogLikeCrazy #30Days30Layers

Entering this world with no issues, perfectly healthy with full function of limbs and organs. Happy and whole. 

Growth occurred over the years. You excelled academically and in all extra curricular activities. You started out of trouble. You made your parents so proud to call you their baby girl. The Apple of their eyes. You weren’t planned but you were an unplanned yet appreciated accident. 

Then you hit those unpredictable teenage years and began to discover your identity. You began to feel love for someone other than family. You still maintained a good GPA and put forth maximum efforts in all other endeavors, but you desired more freedom because you’ve always been an extremely independent person. 

You gained the ultimate freedom and had your own living space, car and job. You took full advantage of this more than you should have. You created your own path and veered off the spiritual path that kept you balanced and focused. You were receiving attention that you never received before. You were excited and full of energy. You made poor decisions with your time, money, heart and more importantly; your body. That once whole person that did everything right and never shook the table has now gone off the deep end and become broken without even realizing it. 

10 years later…

You’ve lived life the right and wrong way. Experienced an emotional rollercoaster of life events and relationships. Seen the best and worst of times. Loved and lost. Gained and lost. Grown and relapsed. 

Present day…

You’re stronger. You’re pulling all those broken pieces of your past together and creating a beautifully broken work of art. You’re bolder, wiser and more cautious. You’re less likely to jump at any and every opportunity that comes your way. You’re discernment has increased. Your spiritual walk has gotten stronger than ever. Your aura is more illuminating and magnetic. You’ve finally discovered your purpose and you’re guarding it at all costs. You’ve found yourself and you love her and NEVER EVER wanna lose her again. You’ve taken all your negatives and turned them into positives and used them as building blocks to get to your destiny. 



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