Like A Ghost

Day 6 #BlogLikeCrazy #30Days30Layers

Forever in my heart. Forever in my mind. Like a ghost you’re always around. I may not feel you near or even be thinking about you but you’re always there. Like a ghost you haunt my dreams and even my nightmares. I go to a restaurant or see an old picture and it’s like you’re secretly behindme watching my reactions and reading my mind. 

Like a ghost…Casper…friendly, loving & caring. You’re there. Watching over me wishing you could be right here with me in the flesh. Ohhh how life would be so different if you were still here. 

A.L.H you are truly missed. My best guardian angel. My 1st true love. I was your Mutumbo and you were my Murphy Lee. Nobody will ever hold my heart like you. Continue to feeds in peace my love. 

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