He Said Nothing

Day 9 #BlogLikeCrazy #30Days30Layers

She woke up one Sunday morning and like any other Sunday before it she went to church. Nothing was out of the ordinary, it was actually a pretty good morning. She received a title that she had been working so hard for. She went to church and had a great experience, heard a rich word and felt a lot of love and support. Although everything on the surface appeared to be a normal day in the life it felt off to her but she’s didn’t know why. She returned home only to find that it was empty. Storage bins & clothes were gone and huge void was felt. 

Without so much as a note or explanation, he was gone. He said nothing. He had his reasons but they meant nothing because the actions spoke louder than any words, logic & reason. Little did he know, that one off the fly decision would have an affect on so many people for so long but that’s what happens when major life changes aren’t carefully calculated. 

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