Where I Live

Day 8 #BlogLikeCrazy #30Days30Layers

I have gotten severely behind on my posting but I’m catching up today so just know there will be multiple posts over the next couple days.

Where I Live…

4 little girls. Civil Rights. Letter from a Birmingham Jail. Magic City Classic. Revitalization. 16th St Baptist Church.

Although it wasn’t where I was born…This is where I live. Birmingham, AL the place that has become HOME. I have had many sleepless nights, late nights & early mornings with friends and growing pains. This city has shown me some of my best days and my worst days. I found love and heartache here. I made life long friends and prayer partners. I discovered  my purpose in “The Magic City” 

If you’re willing to see around the rough edges you can find some rare jewels and learn even more within those hidden nuggets. Birmingham, AL is a city filled with lots of history, tradition and growth that can help mold any craft, passion or talent you may have to offer this world. 

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