Thirty-Three and FREE!

The number 33 represents family, harmony, creative self-expression, optimism, and idealism. From a biblical standpoint; 33 represents the age that Jesus fulfilled His purpose on Earth causing countless prophecies and promises to be fulfilled.

On Sunday, October 28, 2018 I turned 33 and for the past few months I’ve been anxiously anticipating this birthday but for no specific reason, so I decided to do a little google searching to see what was out there about the number and its different meanings. The only thing I really knew about the number 33 was that it was the same age that Jesus was when he left Earth and ascended to Heaven because He completed God’s plan for Him on Earth. So of course, my mind went directly to, “ooh I’m going to fully walk into my purpose and meet my future husband on this trip around the sun.” Now, I’m super excited…in my head LOL. I remember when I was approaching 25 and 30 that I had similar (random but not so random) feelings about the birthday coming.

Each year, I do a self-reflection as I begin a new year of life. I have been lazy and a major procrastinator in a few areas in my life. I even caught myself reconsidering revisiting a relationship from my past thinking that things would be better, and I could finally have the “fairy tale” that I thought that I always wanted but the grass isn’t always greener on the other side and thank God I didn’t fully wander back into that yard to realize that. It was in that moment that I realized that my prayers for increased discernment, recognizing God’s warnings/voice and more wisdom were being heard and even answered. Now I have removed any and all distractions from my life and began writing down the vision for the things that I want to see happen with #WomenOfPurpose and no longer feeling inadequate to accomplish the goals for my life, my brand and my family.

I’m now one month into this new year of life and I feel better, I have more peace, my faith feels stronger, and all around I’m happy. I have the best job ever and it literally fell into my lap. I once felt this same way earlier in the year and it was unexpectedly taken from me and I was distraught and extremely angry with God and began to question A LOT of things including myself and my faith. I often thank God that He kept me in spite of me during that season because had I not been grounded and connected to the right church and right people it would have been extremely easy for the enemy to completely derail me from my faith and have me living the life that I once lived void of connection to a church and God’s word. I’m more focused and fueled to have the things in life that I’ve always dreamed of having. I fully see that with God, I can have all of it and more as long as He is at the center of all that I am and all that I do.

So with that being said…WOP the Blog is back!!! 2019, I’m coming for you and all that God has in store for me. 💪🏾💪🏾

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