My Future Looks Bright

My Dream Job 🤔

Well, I can’t say I really know what that job may be these days. Growing up I thought I wanted to be a homicide detective. Watched crimes shows every chance I got and even went to sleep watching Forensic Files each night. Then I went to college and began taking classes for a degree in criminal justice, flunked out of school, re-enrolled a few years later and got an associate degree only to realize that I no longer wanted to work in that field. I tested for a few departments here in Alabama and even one in Georgia. With the turn society was taking with police brutality against people of color, specifically; young, unarmed, black males, I decided it wasn’t the best decision for my life because no matter how much good I would try to bring to the uniform it would never be respected and it would only increase the level of danger to me each day I went out into the field. I applaud each and every brown person who does it though. It’s hard to uphold those values, and still be looked at as a traitor or one of the bad guys because some of your brothers/sisters in blue make the whole force look bad by their corrupt actions.

Sorry, got a little side tracked…

Now days my dream job doesn’t look like doing one thing. I want to have multiple streams of income and end the financial generational curse over my family by generating generational wealth. So my dream job would allow me the option to be both self-employed and work in corporate America if I so choose. All while investing and saving money from my streams. Partnering with others in my community to expand to the nations. Turning my blog into a brand and stream of income, writing a book and touring and doing speaking engagements while seeing the world.

That would be ideal job for me. If that’s not in God’s plan for me, an alternative would be becoming financially stable and able to take care of my mom and to have a husband and son and live “Happily Ever After” but hey! I’m just crazy enough to believe that the God I serve can and will provide me the ability to have both.

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