I’m Just Tryna Make My Momma Proud

My Proudest Moment

Hmmm… This is definitely a tough one. As you may have gathered from the 20 Facts about me blog earlier today; I’ve experienced a lot of moments of feeling inadequate or less than over the years. Most people would probably say that getting their degree, getting married or having a child would be their proudest moment. Well, I have only done one of those things and in that moment, I was proud, but looking back on it; it wasn’t my proudest moment.

As I really think over the things I’ve done and experienced in my life, the thing that sticks out to me the most is getting back into church and doing more than sitting on the pews but getting involved in my church community. That has been my most rewarding experience over the past 5 years at least. I often tell people that UCC raised me, but Christ Church saved me. I say that because I was raised in the church and for the most part never strayed from it. Even all the years I stopped attending church in my early adult years because I was too lazy to find a church or the one I was attending was for the wrong reasons, I still had that foundation that was rooted during my childhood at UCC. Then one day I was invited to church by a former friend and from that day forward I was there. Prior to that I was attending a church that was previously connected to my home church but wasn’t getting everything I wanted and needed in that season. I began to pray on it from time to time and then got the invitation (God knows what you need when you need it) to visit at Christ Church and I instantly fell in love and never looked back. That was 5 years ago. I quickly got asked to join the greeter’s ministry and from there I began to become friendlier and grow. Since then I have been on a leadership team, the dance ministry (my first love), been a part of small groups, served in outreach and the children’s ministry and been active with our women’s small group.

I have made my mistakes and even lacked consistency from time to time. I have my days where I don’t want to attend church solely because I just want to lay in bed all day for a change, but then I remember how I feel when I have to miss a Sunday or midweek gathering for any reason. I feel like I’ve missed a lifetime when I don’t get my weekly interactions with my church family. We have built a culture of love and family that you can’t help but to feel the moment you step out of your car and walk into the front door and I love that the most. Jesus walked the Earth being the epitome of #Light and #Love and we try to live that same lifestyle in and out the church walls. I Love how my Pastor and Lady have such a genuine heart for people. I’ve never been to a church where the Pastor or his wife call you on the regular to check on you and see how your day was or ask what goals you have and how they can help you achieve them. That means a lot to lost souls and those who have strayed away from the church.

I can proudly type this today: without Christ Church I wouldn’t be where I am today. I wouldn’t be motivated and inspired to start this blog. I wouldn’t be vulnerable enough to share the many aspects of my life’s journey. I wouldn’t have the desire to write a book. I wouldn’t do photo shoots and walk in fashion shows or have the boldness to plan a women’s event. I wouldn’t have the network of sisters to hold me accountable, pray for me, be a listening ear and sometimes a shoulder to cry on. I very possibly wouldn’t be alive today because who knows where life would’ve taken me if i didn’t stay out the club every weekend or every chance I got like I was before I joined Christ Church.

Getting rooted in the RIGHT church home showed me the difference in my relationship with God while merely going to church vs. a relationship with Him while growing in church.

Remember: what doesn’t grow dies!

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