Goal Digger

Day 8 – 5 Current Goals

Had this been a writing prompt 5+ years ago I wouldn’t have a clue what to write, but thank God for growth. I have realized the importance of writing out goals, dreams, visions for my life. I mean the Bible even instructs us to (Hab 2:2-3)

So with that being said….Leh Geaux!

  1. To be as debt free as possible (minus student loans) by Summer 2019.
    This has been a long time coming. I have went through 2 different local credit repair agents to try to make this happen faster and both ended with me feeling like money was wasted because I was educated enough on how it all really works and trusted the indivisuals to give full disclosure and while I saw some results it didn’t get me to the goal I wanted to to be at in the timeframe I was made to believe I would reach it in. You live & you learn.
  2. To purchase my first car by the end of 2019
    Three cars later and I finally think I’m ready to go through the car buying process on my own. My dad has always provided me with my transportation, car note, tage and insurance (up until about a year and a half ago) #Spoiled but as much as I have appreciated that huge blessing over the years, I’m ready to start making major “adult” purchases starting with a car. I already know exactly what I want all the way down to the color, features, price range and ideal car payment amount.
  3. To host my very first Women Of Purpose event by my 34th Birthday
    I was supposed to do this as a 1 year anniversary of WOP but I didn’t realize how much money it cost to put on an event. Venue’s in Birmingham aren’t cheap and I have a specific vision for how the venue layout needs to look. I am a little picky so yeah…I’ll leave it at that LOL but now that I know what I’m in for; I can properly plan and save. I have almost finalized my budget and decided on a venue space, date, time and theme. If the Lord has given me the vision then He will provide the tools and resources to make it happen in His perfect timing.
  4. To purchase my 1st Home by Dec 2019 or sooner
    I told you I wanna make big girl “adult” purchases in this next season. I won’t go into too much detail on this one but just know I have had a little practice in the home owner realm this year so I know what are non-negotiables for my 1st home. 🙂
  5. Last but far from least….to fully know, understand and walk boldly in my God given purpose. I want 2019 to be the year that I become fully committed to my spiritual walk, my blog, my brand and myself. I want to see grow in ALL areas for myself, my circle, my family and my church

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