So the 1st month of 2019 has come and gone…Quickly!

Overall, it was a good month for me. I completed the Proverbs 31 challenge. That’s always eye opening whenever I do it. I cut off all toxic ties in my life (read into what you will) and I ended the month with a couple photoshoots. One in particular caused a lot of chatter on social media to the point that CBS 42 news reached out to do a short segment on the late night news 😱

So ok…this is what happened: Jerry Brooks of Brooks Quality Imaging, LLC made a post needing a model for a shoot and I reached out. He told me that there was a fake police car on Hwy 280 that he wanted to shoot around and I could wear whatever. So I’m like, “cool! Let’s set it up.” So we link up a couple days later and boom we pull off road and get started. Everything went just fine. People continued on their commute and a few even blew their horns. No biggie right?!? Well apparently a couple of those people pulled out their phones to test out their photography skills too LOL one picture in particular was posted on FB and went what I like to call “local viral” and gained 400 shares and counting. It caused so much noise that the news station reached out after seeing my comments to the negative talk and dropping pics to silence the haters.

So we have our statement and BOOM! we’re being discussed on the news and the photos were shared there as well. Now I’m dealing with the 7 minutes of “fame” and the critics that come with it. Some said it was disrespectful, we should respect the police and we were morons 😒

Others were more open minded and applauded the creativity behind it and the boldness to even attempt it. Which was Jerry’s intend. To create a unique, out the box image. I mean what good photographer wouldn’t see art in everything.

The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision

-Helen Keller

When asked about my feelings to the critics I was very clear that I viewed them as close minded people who didn’t see the creativity to it. I even spoke on why I wore what I was because that was a problem for some too. The shirt that I’m wearing says “Black Women Are For Grown Ups” by Stevona. I absolutely love the meaning behind the shirt and have been rocking them since she started he movement. This whole incident only shows that black women truly are for grown ups. Grown ups are mature enough to understand creative expression and remain unbothered when it’s an expression they might not like or agree with. (Mind the business that pays you) BWAFGU also supports black women empowerment, boldness and self love which I whole heartedly live by now more than ever. I’m comfortable in this brow skin that some people feel is a threat. I’m proud of the woman that I’m constantly evolving into & I’m unapologetic about it. I love and respect myself and have no shame demanding the same from the people that I share this world with.

One month into 2019 and God is continuing to open doors, expand my perspective & grow me in ways I never imagined and I’m just happy He thought enough of me to use me in any way that He sees fit. I don’t know where this lil “controversial” photoshoot will take me but what I do know is this: IF GOD BE FOR ME THEN WHO CAN BE AGAINST ME!!! He will truly make my enemies my footstool and while He’s working I will remember the words of my FLOTUS and when they go low, I will go high!

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