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At the beginning of each year I pick a word for the year and this year my word is fruition. I chose this word for two reasons. The first was because last years word was elevation and fruition pairs well with it. The second reason is because I feel in my heart and have been intentional in my prayers to see all God has for me come into fruition this year. Last year (I believe) I briefly attended an event at More Than Conquerors Faith Church and Pastor Green was speaking, and he made a point that stuck with me like glue all through the year and even now. He gave an analogy of a child being left an inheritance and how when you’re under age you can’t have access to it but once you turn 18 you can have access to the inheritance that was left by the loved one that has passed away. He then spoke on it from a spiritual standpoint and began to say how 2018 was going to be our inheritance year meaning all the things that we have been praying and seeking God for and couldn’t understand why we weren’t seeing our prayers manifested is because we hadn’t reached maturity (year ’18). That gave me a motivational boost like no other. Now granted, I’m still human and wasted a lot of valuable time in 2018 but it was still a season that taught me so much. I experienced back to back job changes/losses none of which were due to my poor work or layoffs. So you can imagine how frustrating it was for me to keep going from employed to unemployed without notice or clarity as to why. Then I finally landed a job late 2018 that provided me all I wanted in a job and more.

Fast forward to January 2019. I’m sitting in group night at church one night and Pastor D is speaking and the next day I was at work, sitting at my desk and this event idea was placed in my (seed) so I typed up an invitation letter and reached out to four people that I knew would literally be perfect for this vision that I now I had. Now keep in mind I have never hosted an event. I wrote out an event idea and began the planning about 2 years ago but fear and lack of finances prevented me following through with it and I got in my head and convinced myself that I couldn’t do it. This was different though. I was at a different place mentally and spiritually. I now have an arrogant faith. As I was planning this time a quiet voice (God) spoke to me and said “if I planted the seed, I will make provision for it to come to full fruition” so I kept on with the planning and one by one my speakers eagerly jumped on board to assist without hesitation or requiring compensation (blessing #1). Then I began the hardest part of the planning: finding & picking a venue. I have attended a lot of events in the city and I pay attention that people may not look at. I had an idea of what I wanted the venue to look like and the parking needed to be good among other things. So I found the perfect spot and the price was better than I could’ve imagined (blessing #2). I reach out to a friend to get his critique on the event idea and the flyer I drafted up and in the course of that convo he asked about food and then volunteered to pay for it (blessing #3). While talking to my brother about this he suggests that I get sponsors to help with more of the costs and boom I get 3 more sponsors, one of which was a complete stranger that follows me on Instagram. Now I’m super amp’ fans ready to let the public know about the event. I have all my ducks in a row: date, location, speakers, time, etc.

Now here comes the mind blowing blessing (to me): I posted the event and link to RSVP and all spots were filled within TWO WEEKS and the event wasn’t until March!!! Me, a person who has never hosted an event, been extremely inconsistent with her blog/brand, not part of the popular crowd or events originally from the area.

After what felt like the longest month and a half of waiting it was finally event day. The weather was supposed to be pretty bad but I prayed all week asking God to allow the storm path to change and reminding Him that He gave me this vision and promised it to come to fruition and the weather held up pretty nicely for the whole weekend (blessing #5) and although a lot of people chose to let the weather threat keep them home, those that showed up enjoyed it and gained a ton of much needed knowledge for their businesses and got a chance to do some networking.

The day after the event I attended church like normal and while in the middle of an unexplainable praise and worship experience pastor said someone was suffering from a back problem with the disc in their backs. I didn’t go down because my back problem is with the alignment of my spine and not the disc specifically but I still felt it was for me so from my seat I began bending in ways that normally caused me pain an felt NOTHING!!! God still healed me because that word was for me and I activated my arrogant faith once again to believe (blessing #6). After service I was chatting with one of the pastors and he asked me about the event (he led us in prayer but had to leave) and wanted to know how it went. He then asked if I would host another one soon in his District (he’s also a city council member) so the final blessing of such an amazing God-filled weekend is that their will be a part 2 to the vision Building Workshop and it will be totally funded and an even bigger success.

FYI: “All of my events will be funded and successful” is one of my daily affirmations

So I said alllll of that to say this: don’t let fear keep you from being the person you have been called to be. Get out of your head and put those dreams, plans & goals into action because faith without works is dead. The moment I put fear aside God literals opened door after door and he has been all year because I said Yes to one vision He gave me.

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