And I’ll Rise Up

HEY Y’ALL!!! (in my best Paula Dean voice)

It’s been awhile….I know, but you’re girl has been out here trying to get her life together in all aspects and the blog fell to the back burner. So let me catch you up real quick:

Since May 9, 2019 (the last blog) I have hosted another workshop for creatives and entrepreneurs. It was a success in it’s on way. It was held on mother’s day weekend and Birmingham City Council District 1 funded it (read that again). After the event I was certain that I would never host another event for free again. Know your worth, then add taxThe lesson learned here was: never cheapen yourself to attract others. What’s for you WILL come and who is for you will be around when the opportunity presents itself.

Let me think…June didn’t really have anything significant happen that I can think of. It might come to me later LOL

July was spent on a social media fast and I did a mini escape to Dallas, TX to visit the bestie and escape the routine of all work and no play. That was a breath of fresh air and just the recharge that I needed because little did I know, August had some things in store for me. Speaking of which, let’s jump right into it…

On August 14, 2019 I was involved in a very MINOR car accident that left some MAJOR damage to the rear of my car. So let me provide you a little back story to how we got here: a mutual friend of a friend made a post on FB needing assistance with getting her dad to and from work a few days a week and he sent me a screenshot of the post (because you know FB algorithms, I might not see it) so I hit her up and we talked out the logistics of it all and it turns out that we live all of 5 mins from each other and her dad works a few blocks away from my job so it couldn’t have been a more perfect solution to her situation. So day 1 of the new car pool situation, I drop him off and she and I stood outside talking for a while about different things and as I was backing out the parking space to leave a car comes out of nowhere and we collide. I’m in total shock and disbelief because there wasn’t a car in sight when I looked before backing out. This is my 1st wreck in the car and I’ve had it almost 10 years. So the usual happens; I apologize and ask if she is ok. She calls the police out and we go from there. So the police arrive and get our statements. I immediately know I’ll be listed at fault because I was reversing out of a parking space (although I don’t feel 100% at fault but that’s not worth mentioning any further) and that’s just how these things go. So here’s the worst part of all of this; as we’re each speaking with the police it comes to my attention that I don’t have my current driver’s license or my vehicle registration on me LORD JESUS! it was already bad enough that this was happening and my car wasn’t insured (I got paid the same day and was set to reinstate the policy when I got home from work). So here I am with some pretty serious damage to my car and no insurance. Thank God they didn’t write me any tickets for no insurance or license.

Fast forward…

For about three and a half weeks I’m working my main job and my 2 side hustles, praying and trying to figure out what I’m going to do about my car. This couldn’t have happened at a more inconvenient time (or so I thought) but that Sunday prior to the accident Pastor Earl was praying with me and afterwards he told me, “God is going to bless you with a car. I don’t know when and I don’t know how but He is” and of course i tell him that I receive that word because I knew I wanted to look into getting a new car in 2020. I already knew what I wanted and everything. In the meantime one of the photo booth businesses that I help with hit me up and told me that he would be bringing me one of the work cars to drive because he needed me in ATL to work and he knew about my car situation and that I needed the extra money even more now so it was a win-win for everybody. While working in Atlanta during the PGA tour lighting struck that Saturday and it hit a tree not 50 yards from where our booth was set up, but I left just moments before it happened and walked past that very tree #GodsProtection.

Due to picking up all the events that I could on my off days, I haven’t had any time to go and look at cars. I did a lot of looking online and actually contacted one company (Enterprise) and that was really it, but I knew I needed to do something sooner or later because I wasn’t going to be able to keep driving this car forever and my car was in pretty bad shape due to a pre-existing internal issue and now the embarrassing outward issue. I finally got a Saturday with a little free time and decided to go to a dealership and talk with a man my coworker referred me to. By this time I started looking for something other than my dream car because I had to be realistic and know with my current credit score it wouldn’t be wise to try to force this exact car.

I go to the dealership and meet with the man and explained my situation and we went out on the lot (and off the lot) looking at the inventory. After viewing about 5 cars and test driving 2, I made a decision that best fit my situation and so begins the waiting game….

I’m proud to say that I was approved for financing and I now have a new SUV. I couldn’t be happier but the story doesn’t end there:

For this to be my very 1st car purchase, I wasn’t all that happy. I didn’t want a car note, I didn’t want the increase in my insurance, and tag rates, I didn’t want all this new financial responsibility…at least not RIGHT NOW! I wasn’t ready the way I wanted to be. I also didn’t want to let go of my old faithful. I loved that car and had so many memories with it. I was legit sad and tried to force myself to be excited about such a big life change/decision. Then I went to church on Sunday and while I was praying, I was led to ask for forgiveness for not being grateful. I thought back over all the ways God kept me throughout this whole ordeal. He spoke to me and showed me how He is involved and responsible for all of this. Then as Pastor D was preaching he spoke on the exact thing I was struggling; being grateful. At that point I had a perspective shift. No longer would I stress over this new financial responsibility and ask HOW I will be able to pay a car note and the increase in my insurance rate. God has literally given me countless examples of how He NEVER lets me go without my needs so now I’m thrilled and telling everybody that will listen about my new car. I prayed on the way to work today and just started crying. I was overwhelmed with joy. I have finally wrapped my head around what took place on September 7, 2019. I also looked back over my prayer journal/reflection sheets and realized that I was journaling and believing for this to happen and got did it.

P.S. I almost forgot to tell you that on our last Tuesday training session at church (I think it was the week after the wreck) the Lord placed it on my heart to sow a sacrificial offering and I sowed all that I had in my account at that moment and prayed that God would make provision for me regarding my car. It was the 1st time I had ever made a sacrificial offering like that but God told me that I don’t totally trust Him with my finances like I think I do. So I was obedient and did what He placed on my heart to do and hear we are today with the biggest material blessing I’ve ever had.

MEET FAITH…of course I had to name her after the very thing that it took to manifest her.

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