A Wonderful Change

There are 5 weeks and 2 days left in 2019…WOW! This year really went by in the blink of an eye. I’m sitting here at work by myself and it’s slow so I decided to maximize the downtime and read, journal and think. Yesterday I focused on trying to get things in place for the moves that I’m making in 2020.

While in my pursuit of inspiration for this blog (and others to come) I realized that I have truly changed A LOT in this year. For me, my “new year” began back in October when I turned 34. I always take that time of year to reflect on my life thus far and there were parts of it that I was down about like not being in a serious relationship leading to marriage or having a kid. The enemy likes to take the very things that you desire the most to constantly beat you up about, BUT GOD! no matter how often I think about those 2 things not being a reality….yet! I take comfort in knowing that it just means that I have a little more time to become fully prepared for when it does happen. I no longer get caught up in the things that I haven’t accomplished but take joy in seeing where I have come from and where I am growing to. Things that used to trigger to say something sideways to people no longer bring that reaction out of me. I consciously desire to lead with love now. While reading the OneLove blog this morning I came across this…

“she learned, experienced, grew, and excelled, all the while seeming to be in the same place.”

This perfectly sums up life for me this year. All this time I have been feeling stagnant and out of place in my current city, actively seeking to make a big move out of the state so that I can fully walk in purpose and then I read this. God truly knows what you need when you need it the most and it ALWAYS delivers in the most subtle ways.

In true social media lingo fashion I say this: I don’t know who needs to hear this but…

Nothing about your existence is a mistake. Despite all that you’ve said, done or thought that was outside of God’s will for your life; you still have purpose. You’re still here so that means that it’s not over. You still have time to finish becoming whole in Christ and live a purpose fulfilled life. You still have time to see all those prayers manifest. You still have time to have that family and start that business. You still have time to write that book and start that business. YOU STILL HAVE TIME!!! God is still allowing you to wake up each day and that means that there is still work to be done in your life and through your life. Believe it or not, there is at least one person out there who is unknowingly waiting on your testimony to give them just what they need to fight a little harder and overcome whatever is holding them. Your testimony is someone’s breakthrough. All those trials & storms that you’ve faced weren’t for you and you alone. They were assigned to you so that you can show someone else that it’s possible to literally go through hell and back and still have your peace of mind and become stronger and better in spite of. You’re not so imperfect that you can’t have the desires of your heart. You just have to keep trusting & believing that God can and will manifest in your life. Speak it. Write down where you see it daily. Put a scripture to each thing you want the most and mediate on that word because God’s word won’t fail. Consciously live a life of prayer, praise and purpose! 

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