Walking In Purpose: Sha’ Cannon


“My purpose is to use the strength that people see in me to empower them to bring it out in themselves. Even in my business, no matter what service I provide, that is ALWAYS the biggest part.”

From working as a paralegal at a Fortune-500 company in corporate America to becoming a full-time business owner, Sha’ Cannon is an author and author coach helping writers to write and self-publish their first book. Since 2013, she has been known for providing self-publication services for Amazon Best-selling books. After years of successfully using these talents in the areas of content creation and product development for VIP Clients, Sha’ finally changed her business model to add these services to the public in 2017.1. What does walking in your purpose mean to you? It means doing something that I am naturally awesome at doing, but isn’t easy for others to achieve, and I support those it isn’t easy for through acts of service.

2. How did you discover your purpose? I discovered my purpose when the reoccurring event of others telling me that I was doing something that either they could not do at all or could not do for themselves.

3. How do you avoid self sabotage or self doubt and insecurities? I keep my eye on my ‘why’ and not the self-made obstacles to my ‘why’. When I stay focused on achieving the goal for my desired results or on helping others and the fact that they are waiting for my help, then I do not stop working toward that goal until I achieve it

4. What challenges do you face? My biggest challenge is being self-sacrificial. It was my parenting style (giving my children what they wanted and needed, even if I had to give up something) and spilled over into other areas. All of my children are grown and now it can show up in my business by me giving my gifts away for free or for less than their value, which of course will directly impact my abundance. God gave me gifts that are valuable and I have to honor their value.

5. How do you avoid becoming distracted or stagnant? I don’t avoid distraction at all times. It works better for me to give my distractions their own time and then buckling down to focus when it is NOT their time. For example, when I need to focus, I leave my devices in a different room but I’ll take breaks throughout the day to indulge and those breaks are timed with an alarm.  I believe that my mind is too active to actually become stagnant. I’m most often either working out stuff in my head, doing tasks to move forward, or both. I do believe that always learning new things and doing new things, helps to support that. 

6. If you had to take a leap of faith in order to be where you are now, what helped you make that decision? How did you know it was the right time? I am spiritual. Faith is big for me. Knowing that I am intentional at being a good person, being of service to others, and leaving both things and people better than I found them… God got me. Everything will ALWAYS work out. So either the situation isn’t done yet to have gotten to the ‘work out’ part or the ‘work out’ simply doesn’t look the way I thought it would and I have to let go of my expectation versus the reality. God’s plan is always better than mine. 

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