Women Walking In Purpose: Felicity Johnson

I met Felicity while attending UAB and working at Forever 21 and always joked with her about being my manager and we were so close in age LOL we became friends and I’ve had the pleasure of seeing her blossom into an phenomenal women and now an exceptional business owner. A licensed esthetician and massage therapist, Felicity  is the co-owner of Be Gorgeous Day Spa in Hoover, AL. She doesn’t take her craft lightly. She not only provides great service but she participates on panels and other events where she has the opportunity to educate others in her field. She is always researching and looking for new ways to advance her skills and bring new techniques and products to the skincare industry. So now that you have a small backstory on Ms. Johnson let’s hear from her about how she got into the skincare business and discovered that it was her passion and God given purpose.
What does walking in your purpose mean to you?
Walking in my purpose means that I am doing things that not only fulfill me but also adds value to others.
How did you discover your purpose?
My world pretty much imploded. I hit rock bottom. I lost my job and my father was murdered. I had to find something that made me happy.
How do you avoid self sabotage or self doubt and insecurities?
I surround myself with my peers. Whenever I’m feeling low I lean on others that are in my industry. I also believe in therapy.
What challenges do you face?
I’m a chronic over thinker. I self sabotage myself by overthinking my next steps.
How do you avoid becoming distracted or stagnant?
When I get distracted I take a break. I disconnect from everything for a day or two that usually helps me to become re-inspired.
If you had to take a leap of faith in order to be where you are now, what helped you make that decision? How did you know it was the right time?
I can’t say i took a leap. I feel like i was pushed into entrepreneurship after I was laid off twice.
What advice would you give the person struggling to discover their purpose and walk in it?
Follow your gut instinct. Find something that you are truly passionate about and surround yourself with people that share that same passion.
Felicity’s journey goes to show that just when the walls feel like they’re closing in on you and there’s no way out, God has your great escape planning and waiting on you to walk out and into your calling. So many times we hear stories similar to hers about how someone discovered their purpose while in a low or dark place. Might I suggest that it’s because those low seasons are when we seek God the most.
Be sure to follow Felicity’s business on all your social media platforms and definitely book a massage or facial sooner than later. You won’t regret it…TRUST ME!
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