Women Walking In Purpose: Jacqui Jones


Wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt and most importantly….BOSS!!! My path crossed with Jacqui’s thanks to my big cousin dating then marrying her and making her my family. Along that journey to becoming “cousins” I have grown to admire her for her hustle, selflessness and overall passion towards life and the things that matter to her.

THE Jacqui Jones is the CEO of One Degree Marketing which is a boutique style marketing firm that focuses on developing strategies for small businesses, brands, and organizations, as well as providing implementation services in social media management, website design & development, email marketing, and brand management. She also founded Elevation Academy, an online marketing resource for small business owners, entrepreneurs, & organizations. I’ve personally participated in this academy via some seven days challenges she’s hosted and it’s provided great wisdom and insight in the ares of social media and marketing. 

Jacqui is also the CO.STARTERS Marketing & Community Engagement Manager for Create Birmingham, a 2018 Renasant Roots Capacity Building Awardee, a 2018 Small Business Administration Emerging Leaders Awardee, a 2019 TEDxBirmingham speaker, the 2019 American Marketing Association Birmingham Chapter “Young Professional Marketer Of The Year”, and was listed as a 2019 Birmingham Business Journal Women to Watch.

So with all these amazing things going on in her life, this clearly didn’t happen overnight and it wasn’t a smooth path to journey to achieve such greatness so let’s hear from Jacqui about her journey to purpose and the lessons learned along the way.


1. What does walking in your purpose mean to you?

Walking in your purpose, to me, means choosing to be who you are whether it is accepted by society, family, or sometimes even yourself. Walking in your purpose isn’t always comfortable. But doing so is what has to happen for life to go as it is intended.

2. How did you discover your purpose?
Honestly, I’m not entirely sure how I discovered it. I think that over time I just saw a recurring theme in everything I did. My life was pretty much a replay of the same plot with different characters. So, instead of letting it happen to me over and over, I started making it happen on purpose.
3. How do you avoid self sabotage or self doubt and insecurities?
Yah… I don’t. (Haha!)  I can honestly say I don’t self-sabotage or doubt myself nearly as often as I used to. But, I think it’s natural to feel unworthy, unsure, and uncertain. I was very intentional for a long time to show myself grace and love in the smallest of spaces. That practice helped me grow into a bigger heart for myself. Now, it’s mostly second nature to trust my instincts and not doubt myself. But, I’m human. So, it still happens. But, now, when I realize I’ve self-sabotaged or doubted myself, I take a moment to look for the trigger and celebrate overcoming it.
4. What challenges do you face balancing, job, parenting and entrepreneurship?
This question is especially hard as our world faces a pandemic. Trying to work from home with a toddler and husband, cooking more meals in one week than I have in the first 2 months of 2020 is a definite challenge. But, global crisis aside, the biggest challenge I face balancing the home life I prefer and running a business is feeling guilty. As my son has gotten older, he can express a desire for me to be home or with him. That stings when I need to leave to work or get home after he has been asking about me for a few hours. I’ve been being creative with this challenge. He sits on the desk and watches videos on one screen while I work on the other. I’ve put a chair in my office for him to sit and play or just sit while I’m working. Or I’ll sit in his room and do something on paper while he orbits me like a planet. He just wants me to be in his presence. So, I’m figuring that out.
5. How do you avoid becoming distracted or stagnant?
If I’m honest, I just don’t have time to be distracted or stagnant. This is a both a blessing and a curse. Being busy means I’m constantly making head way and accomplishing goals. Being busy also means hardly ever looking up for healthy distraction. I have to plan my distractions. (Boooooo!)
6. If you had to take a leap of faith in order to be where you are now, what helped you make that decision? How did you know it was the right time?
Well, I wouldn’t be in business at this level if I hadn’t decided to quit my job. Disclaimer: This is not advice for people to quit. It is my own story. Every one has to decide what is best for them.) But, the decision was made to treat my “side hustle” like a full time job years before I quit. My husband asked me why I trusted my job more than I trusted myself. That question triggered something for me. I realized that I wasn’t tapping into the full capacity of the power I have to determine my own life journey. It wasn’t time until I felt comfortable with a couple plans to run a sustainable business that I actually quit. We often view taking a leap of faith as that last step before it’s done. When the truth is, the decision to work toward something not knowing if the day will ever come to quit is where the leap happens. When you have decided you will, you’re worthy, and give no other option but success, and it shows in your sacrifices, your work, and your consistency, you change your destiny.
7. What advice would you give the person struggling to discover their purpose and walk in it?
My advice… stop ignoring yourself!!! We listen to every one but ourselves. We let society tell us what our life should be like. We listen to our families and friends about how we should love or how much money we should be making. We compare ourselves, allowing others to impress upon us what our purpose should be. But, we ignore the one person who knows… self. If you are having a hard time hearing yourself, take some time and tune in. Tell yourself “yes” often until you find that recurring theme. When you find it, become obsessed with it and live the happiest and most free life you could never imagine.
Be sure to keep up with all the boss moves that Jacqui makes by connecting with her on a personal level on social media via Facebook, Instagram  and her website. If you need help taking your brand and business to a new level be sure to do a consult and hire Jacqui for all you marketing needs via her business One Degree MMM.

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