Women Walking In Purpose: Danielle Lavon

I “met” Danielle via social media and I’ve probably only been around her in person like twice if that but I can honestly say that she is one of the realest, most transparent people that I know of. Her hustle and ambition is unmatched and her love for OUR favorite rapper Jeezy exceeds mine. LOL
Danielle is a published author who has her own publishing company, she is a mother, teacher, and entrepreneur. How she juggles all these titles is beyond me but let’s chat and see how she tries to maintain a healthy work-life balance all while walking in her purpose. 66751640_10157246475231236_6413729234971262976_n
1. What does walking in your purpose mean to you?
I think it means doing what you were created to do, even if it does not reap the financial benefits that you seek. It’s realizing that your purpose may not always be easy, but it’s the reason you were created. It’s doing it even when it’s frustrating. Simply because who are we to decide that HIS purpose for you is too much to commit to? (This includes those with commitment issues… Me… I’m those!)
2. How did you discover your purpose?
I think I am still discovering my purpose. I love teaching, but I also love writing. I am finally figuring out how to merge the two. It took the death of my daughter and the birth of my son for me to reflect on life and realize truly…There HAS to be more to life than THIS!
3. How do you avoid self-sabotage or self-doubt and insecurities?
Oh, honey, I think I am the self-doubt queen! LOL, I am always afraid. Recently when I released my first book, I had someone else post it on my social media, and then I sat there with my eyes closed in panic. I think we are our worst critics. However, success comes when you do it, scared!
4. What challenges do you face balancing, job, parenting, and entrepreneurship?
Whew! Balance is ever-changing. I teach middle-school full-time, run my publishing company, write, and I am a mother. I always hear people talk about balance, but I think because life is ever-changing, so is the way we balance it all. For instance, while trying to finish my book, I realized that writing in the evening after work was a no-go. I was mentally drained from teaching; then, when I got home, I wanted to spend those few hours before bedtime with my son. I decided to be able to “do it all” I had to switch up some things. So I started going to sleep with my son and waking up at 3:30 am and write each morning. It worked, and everything seemed balanced, but now that I am done with that as I tackle new projects, I have to find a different plan of action. Balance is being open to adjustments.
5. How do you avoid becoming distracted or stagnant?
I’m a cancer, I’m carefree, a daydreamer, creative, and I don’t like to be held down. It doesn’t take much to distract me. It feels as though my mind is in a constant state of movement. I have learned to have logical, organized, and stern people on my team to keep me balanced and on track. My business partner is just the opposite when I am sliding into my daydreams, and running through meadows, she brings me right back to reality with a simple. “Oh no, we aren’t going to start that until you finish this!”
6. If you had to take a leap of faith in order to be where you are now, what helped you make that decision? How did you know it was the right time?
If quitting my day job is a leap of faith, then I haven’t jumped yet, but I am standing on the ledge with my Wonder Woman suit on! I told myself I am retiring by 45. I’m not going to disclose my age, but yeah, I’ve been practicing my high jumps!
7. What advice would you give the person struggling to discover their purpose and walk in it?
Ok. Close your eyes. You are standing in front of the TV while they announce the Mega Million winner. As you glance at your ticket, you realize YOU ARE THE WINNER!!!! After you buy your cars, pay off your student loans, buy ya mama and ‘nem their house, and visit all those places you dreamed of… What will you invest your money in? What would you do if money wasn’t an issue? Now open your eyes and get to work on that! START NOW!!! Don’t put it off another day! If you start working on your purpose, life will begin to make much more sense, it won’t be more comfortable, but it will make more sense.
Keep up with all the major moves that Dee has made and will be making by connecting with her on social media. If you’re sitting on a great book then join her next writing challenge. She also has an AMAZING planner that she makes every year. IT IS LIFE!!! that one year she didn’t do one I felt so lost LOL

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