Women Walking In Purpose: Danielle Lavon

Danielle LaVon is a mother, educator, entrepreneur, trap music connoisseur, and writer. She is the author of The DeeTales blog, which discusses various issues and trending topics. As the CEO of To Dee Moon publishing, she has spent the last two years helping others to publish their books. The DeeTales: Hindsight is 2020 is her first novel.

Speaker of the House


Words have power. I think this is a statement I repeat aloud and to myself quite often. To simply begin with the belief that the world we live in, the sun and moon, the animals, plants and trees were all created through words should be proof of the potency that words possess. But we tend to casually misplace that authority when we fail to track the manifestation phrases like, “You make me sick!” or “I am always broke.”

When you become a parent, you gain a special ability because you understand the weight of your words. You speak the life growing inside the womb assured that your child will recognize your voice once he/she enters the world. You might place headphones on the belly, sing or even read to your unborn child. At this point, you are teaching your child the power of words, sight unseen. These actions open the…

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